A new start ~ What am I doing ?

A creative Mom In Dubai is my other blog which was supposed to carry only my routine rantings, love of Quotes,  creative ideas, a few details about life in Dubai and so on so forth, but I decided that I would dedicate Doodle Buddies solely for my creative endevours. So here I am loaded with a few newly designed  greeting cards and my newly formed interest in alter art.

Oh and for those of you who are wondering who am I ? I am Naush, Mom to 3 wonderful boys, married to the nicest man on earth, who is my inspiration and my biggest critic. My home is in the Arabian Ranches in Dubai and it is incomplete without my lovely feline friends, 2 year old Keiki and a year old Pepper.

I have been designing greeting cards for alittle over 5 years. I was teaching art in schools earlier but decided schools presented awhole lot of limitations, so I pursued my love for teaching from home. Smaller class sizes, innovative techniques and alot of fun and experimentation is what the kids love at Doodle Buddies.

Every three months I offer 6 weeks or 3 week art programs for kids upto the age of 13. Every Monday I offer card making classes for Ladies.

Last 2 – 3 years, I had actively participated in various exhibitions and art fairs in Dubai, in fact last year we were a part of the Dubai shopping festival at the Art Avenue at Al Seef Road. We had two stalls where I taught art activities and also displayed a large selection of creative art kits. Needless to say, it was a huge sucess.

In addition to all this, I have been organizing craft parties as well.

We have been featured in Aquarius Magazine and I have been interviewed by City 7 News channel. It is amazing how suddenly all doors just start to open and people geniunely accept and appreciate good work. I love creating just as much as I love teaching kids to play with designs and use different techniques. I’ll keep posting pictures of my students and some of the events that I have been organizing too. 

I hope you keep coming back to Doodle Buddies to view my cards and share some of your views and comments with me.

Have a nice day !


My very first window display at Al Gazal mall ~ Dubai
My very first window display at Al Gazal mall ~ Dubai

Although this display was alittle over a year back, It is special coz it was the first experience I had with window display and although I did’nt do a great job at the display, it is reasonably good considering I had zero experience.  My first experience with fairs came with ARTE, Artisians of Emirates, run by two lovely people, Miriam and Paul. The fairs are held every first Friday of the month and are a very good platform to get to meet like minded artists as well as the end buyer. I will try to place a link to their site.

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