Collage Card MOJO110.

blog h1 025I found myself really challenged over this card and for some reason it took almost 2 hours to decide what colors and designs I wanted to play with. Although I work best under pressure. Today was an awfully sad day. Bilal is unwell and I am almost pissing in my pants in anticipation of his blood results. which will take 5 days. I took nearly 3 breaks from the session just to check on him, which I wouldnt do ordinarily. Why do I have such fantastic kids, even in sickness, they want to please me !! I am really emotional today. Maybe its my hormones, having a salsa today !!

I’m including this card for the papertake weekly challenge too for the theme Spots and Stripes.  Incidently that is my favorite combination.  Lets see how I fair there.

Anyways here’s the end result of the challenge image of the card. Nothing like a beautiful collage of colors, patterns and h1 024Mojo110Sketch

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