Market Day fair in Arabian Ranches ~ Dubai.

Last Friday, I participated in the first fair of the season, after Samie’s operation. I was filled with a large portion of anxiety, alittle apprehention and a whole lot of mental and physical stress. I think I am most stressed out till the time, we dont reach the venue and the set up is complete, once thats over, then I am relaxed and begin to enjoy.

The fair turned out exceptionally well for us, considering we reached there an hour and a half late !!!

Becoz we were the last, we were fortunate enough to have all the three stalls right next to each other. So there were three tables and one space for the wire rack.

Sawaab manned the stall with the smaller items while samie’s stall had my altered goods and bags. I managed the stall with all the craft tools and materials. It was amazing to watch the boys handle customers, answer their queries and find what they were looking for !!   3 hours later, We were all  happier, more confident and relieved that everything went so well.

It was a true team effort that my family put in. So proud to have these boys in my life. while other kids played on the bouncing castle and ate ice cream, these guys earnestly manned those stalls.

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