My Favorite stores in Dubai~1.

Due to the wonderful holidays in Dubai and the fact that for once in the last decade we are finally celebrating the winter break her in Dubai, I wanted to share with you’ll some amazing stores in Dubai that I love to visit.  You’ll find they stock up some super duper items of aesthetic and functional values.

The first store for todays post is a store called : Little Luxuries. Like the name suggests, it has a whole lot of goodies for gifts and presents. Indeed you could be gifting yourself as well. Although their prices are alittle on the higher end, it will be well worth a visit and you can decide then. Meanwhile let the photographs speak for themselves.

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Hope you found these pics interesting and worth popping over for. They are located in Jumeriah Center at the ground level, on the Jumeirah Beach road. This is the mall on your left side just alittle after Mercato if you are coming from satwa.

One comment

  1. Hello Naush,
    I think I found your site on Sabrina’s blog. I saw the name, Dubai and immediately wanted to know more. I am 70 and live in Santa Rosa CA. I usually don’t go too far from home and am fascinated by places that I rarely hear about. The store you showed us is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Thank you for sharing your craft place. That was also amazing. I have only seen a little of your site and want to see more.

    I am married and have three sons who are all grown. My husband helps me alot too. He has helped me put my studio together, shelves etc. We are very fortunate to have husbands that like to make us happy.

    I often have a messy craft room too. I hope that the messier the craft spot the more creative we are.

    I can’t wait to explore your site and find out more about Dubai and your wonderful family and life.

    Mary Bynum

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