Blog Candy 2

So, I may not be all that tech savvy but I am somehow slowly but steadily finding my way around. My last card entered 19 challenges !! Yeah you heard (oops I mean), you read right !! How I managed to find so many challenges, well thats another story and I know your saying, “spare us the details” But what I never realized is how much time consuming it can be !! Ho boy ! I spend a good 3 hours, finding those sites and then commenting on them. Well, thats another thing. You know, how it is when we visit someone, you want them to know that you appreciate their home and hospitality.. how rude to leave without a polite word left behind ! Isnt it ? Yes. well thanks to my suddenly slow moving connection, the connection to the comments window, took like forever. But still I made it a point to leave a hello behind.

And that just brings me to another important but embarrassing issue :  if there are any of you’ll who can advise me on a couple of things, that would be just great.

Firstly: When I want to place a link, in my blog post without putting in their entire http address (that happens when you copy and paste) How and what do you do ?

secondly: A few of these gorgeous blog friends, place their blog candy or blog prizes or even just their badges to use.. How do I place that in my side bar ?

Those were the two crucial questions, until I come across another hurdle !

What I had been doing so far, is copying their http badge/blog cany address into my widget. But what happens is that It appears as an address in my blog view and not as a badge !! Q Q

Any assistance, Tutorial OR  a HAMMER would be greatly appreciated.

Love making cards, love creating things, love recycling objects, just never realized one has to get around with this new language  in blogland to present things properly.

Oh yeah, some more of those super generous friends are leaving some super cool blog candy’s. Since most of you’ll already know why I can’t place their badges on my sidebar, please accept and visit their blogs for some sumptous candys and some unbelievable ones like this one here !!



Lorrinda’s Blogaversary Candy

Bizzy Becs Blog Candy, ends 27th Jan 2011

I’ll be sure to add the newer ones as and when they pop up. Till then, please visit these lovely ladies and view their exceptional projects.  I am so glad I have become follower to these fine ladies, not only just for the candy, but honestly coz each one of them is so talented, has so much to offer , in terms of, a learning experience.

 We all are crafters, but each one of us is different, has unique sense of liking for color and design or pattern, thats what makes us so special. Please bring joy to each one of our friends, visit them and hopefuly become a follower.

And before you go, please help me with my “side bar issues”  I’m sure its not the wordpress, its gotta be ‘me’ 😦

” E n j o y  Creating, little by little, piece by piece until your castle is complete.”


  1. Naush, thank you so much for your visit to my humble blog today and for the magnificent blog posting you have done on my behalf! I hope you will come back to see me often! Happy New Year! Sending big hugs your way…Jacque

  2. Hi Naush, thanks for entering my candy and for posting it on your blog. I’ll try and answer your questions 🙂
    1: To add a hyperlink in your post.. (I open all pages I want to link) When composing a new post, first go and copy the link (ie: go to my blog and copy my blog address) come back to your post… if you’re got “LOZ’S Candy” written in your post, highlight it using your mouse. In the post toolbar there’s a button that looks like a chain (hover over it and ‘link’ should appear) click on that, paste the address and click okay. You should still have the words “LOZ’S Candy” in your post but a line should appear underneath indicating the link. Does this make sense?
    2: Photos in your sidebar: Right-click to save the photo to your computer (you can delete it afterward) Click DESIGN in the top righthand corner of your page, in the area of your sidebar, click ADD A GADGET, scroll down to PICTURE, click BROWSE to find the photo on your computer (I do that first) while you wait for the photo to be uploaded fill in the spaces, the link to the blog candy, I usually title the candy and put the end date in the Caption area, click SAVE then you can move the “GADGET” around on the design page (up and down your sidebar), click the ORANGE SAVE button before returning to VIEW Blog.
    Hope this helps, I’ll be away for the next week but feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll try and help you out again, good luck with the candy draws ♥

  3. Oh, I’ve just realised you’re wordpress and not blogger, I’m not sure if they’re the same as blogger and if my instructions above will make any sense… sorry! Good luck ♥

  4. Hi Naush! Thank you so much for your most lovely comment and visit to my blog today, and for so graciously posting it along with all these other lovely candies!!! I wish I knew the answer to your question for WordPress…. I could help you if you had blogger but I know absolutely nothing about WordPress! I have heard it is not as user friendly and that’s why I used blogger!!! LOL! At my age I’m doing well to figure out what I do so I want it as easy as possible! You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed my visit… hope to see you again soon!

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