Back from blog hibernation.

Hello friends.

I’m so glad to be back. I know, Doodle Buddies has been MIA here but I assure you, its for good reason infact several reasons.

I havent been able to be as consistent in my posts, as I would want to be for various reasons. Some of which are that, towards the begining of this year, I had joined a very elite company in designing greeting cards for them. The order being as large as it was, took nearly a couple of months before all of them were submitted. These here are not even 1/10th of the actual production !!

The summer holidays came and went …. and its unbelievable how quickly that time flew by !!! Between the blessed month of Ramadhan and house hunting ~ we barely had time to prepare for the mammoth task ahead of me. Whats that ? you ask … … … what comes after house hunting and before moving !!! Naturally packing. Inspite of nothing being finalized yet on the house front, I am already ” trying so very hard ” to just pack my studio and three weeks and 22 cartons later, I have still not touched the west end of my studio !!!!

One great news that I wanted to share is that Eman (my youngest) qualified his entrance exam for year 5 in Bilal and sawaab’s school. So thats, one huge worry off my shoulder ! Its such a relief knowing I dont have to run around for the pick and drop. And that, now I can manage holidays which coincide with all of their schedules unlike before where there were too many variables which constantly played havoc with our plans.

Around June, I also got the Silhouette Cameo and as thrilled as I was to receive it, I am so ashamed to report, that inspite of having it all connected et al, I am yet to start working on it. There’s this real invisible glass between me and digital technology !! I suppose, I am one of those freaks who prefers to leave it intact, rather than fear damaging it.

Between all this, ofcourse, I did manage a couple of baby showers and was guest designer for two sites.  How I managed that ???  . . . . . . . was another story, what with all my supplies enjoying their vacation in the cartons that are flooding almost all my rooms !!!! 

Its been a good year so far. I am grateful to Allah swt for giving us all good health and keeping us together. I am thankful that we are safe and have less time but are still blessed with creativity in our lives.

So now that I have broken the MIA spell, I look forward to filling you guys up with some of the “creative and unusual things happening lately” in the forthcoming posts.

Till then,

thank you for visiting me.


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