Daiso in Dubai











One of the best things about Dubai is how so many cultures and nationalities live here so harmonously. Its truly a melting pot. People from all walks of life find a little comfort and alittle home here.  Its rare to find that in most countries.

We are also blessed to have several speaciality outlets here offering goods from specific countries. Daiso is one such a name. Daiso is a Japanese brand. And it is most popular becoz it is real value for money. Most of the items they offer are for dhs 6 !!!! How cool is that ??

I remember, nearly a decade back, my sister mentioned a store in Sharjah that sold everything from household goods to clothes for a mere dhs 5 !!! Today, Daiso has more than a dozen outlets in UAE, of which, around 8-9 are in Dubai, itself !!!!

I know some of my favorite garden accessories and plant hangers have come from there. I also remember buying nearly a dozen childrens’ aprons from there once, when I was having an art class for toddlers and I did’nt have any for the kids.

Ofcourse not to mention the hundreds of their craft goodies I have adorned my craft studio with. And dont even get me started on the storage solutions they offer !!

I love their small boxes with tiny lids and draws in them. Its always a joy visiting the isle with their earthen ware and their gorgeous miniature show pieces. Its one of the few places in Dubai, where you can get plain/unprinted plaques for decorating.

Ofcourse, I used to get nervous when the younger two boys would join me in my see-about, since the isles are generally too close and the fear of things being pushed and broken is nothing but total embarrasement. Thankfully I have never been put in such a situation by the boys.

Now that they are older, I am more careful and its even more fun going out with them. On my last visit, I picked some really colorful and adorable things from them including, some silicon cup cake holders, some doubledecker food containers, markers for filling wood scratches, these cute wooden stencils.

Check out some of the pictures. And ofcourse if I do visit them again in the near future, which I am bound to, I will update pics too.

P.S. Daiso has not paid me to write this post. Although I wont mind a “thank you voucher” ofcourse 😉
I love sharing with new visitors and friends what I find so fascinating in Dubai and hence these posts pop up, every now and then.
Thank you so much for visiting me today. If you found this post informative and helpful, please do write in and encourage me 🙂


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