Sharpies Markers in Dubai.

Is it just me or does no one know where to buy Sharpies markers in Dubai !!!

I googled it, and came up with a few folks, who have claimed that you could find them at certain hypermarkets. I have nearly half a dozen projects lined up for these markers so I started my own little hunt for these markers which quite as much spiraled into a HUGE MISSION !! Here are the places that disappointed me so :-

Carrefour hypermarkets ( Mall of Emirates as well as Mirdiff City Center )
Spinneys (Mercato and Al wasl road )
Geant in Ibn Batuta
Hyper Panda in Festival city
Magrudys in Deira City Center
Virgin in Dubai Mall
Hamleys in Dubai Mall
Book World in Dubai Mall
Dubai Library distribution ( Sheikh Zayed Road)
Ace Hardware ( you do get various markers there occasionally)
Farooq stationery ( Al Mamzar )

Now THAT is a HUGE search for these markers and I really doubt there are any more stores left for me to check out !!!! It is really surprising how such versatile markers are no where to be found in Dubai !!!

But ofcourse, if I have missed any reputed bookstore or stationery store, where you have bumped into them, please do let me know. For now, I have had to request my cousin to pop some over from UK !!

So yeah, my search turns up Zilch !! So dear crafters, creative folks and sharpies fans, Sharpies Markers are NO WHERE in Dubai !!!

Correction !!!

The following three Blog friends have confirmed that they HAVE bought Sharpies from Dubai :-

Nyla bought sharpies from WHsmith in The Dubai Mall

Areej bought sharpies from Paper chase at Dubai Mall

Nuweera bought sharpies from Art shop (first floor) at Beach Center (Jumeirah Road)

So the new verdict is that Sharpies are available in Dubai at the above locations !!

UPDATE ON 2nd Feb – 2015

Sharpies are available at Creative Minds

Ultra fine point – dhs 10 (single)

Fine Point – dhs 10 (single )

Chisel tip – dhs 15 (single )

They also stock packs as well.

Now what are you waiting for ??? Grab your wallet and off, you go !! 🙂

I’m so glad you’re visiting me today. I hope you’ll stay a while and browse thru my other creative adventures.

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      • excuse me , naush but do u get sharpie pens in paperchase of mirdiff city center . and oh you are very nice

        • Hi Niranjana ! Thank you for visiting me and your lovely comment. Well, apparently, Paper chase does stock sharpies at their Dubai Mall outlet, however, I cannot confirm if they are carrying them at MCC. Regards

  1. Just bought Sharpies in the Art shop on first floor in Beach Center on Jumeira Beach Rd if you are still interested…… 80’s Glam limited edition no less

    • That’s great ! So finally we have some good news ~ Sharpies have been sourced at WHsmith in Dubai Mall !! However, I am unaware of the price range though.
      Thank you updating us Nayla.

    • Hi Maan. Thank you for your comment. I have made additions to the post ~ kindly check it for the locations where Sharpies are now available.

  2. hey naush its khushi and i wanted to ask u that how much do they u have any info about that?pls let me know as soon as u can pls

    • Hi Khushi. There are three different variations of sharpies markers available at Creative Mind. But on an average the normal sharpies costs around dhs 10 – 12.

    • Hi Jenni. Fine point in white color is one of my favorites too !! If and when you do, buy them, let me know too !

  3. Sharpie Pens are Available online as well! to be precise. I live in sharjah and going all the way to dubai mall and jumeirah is quite difficult. Thinking of Online Shopping =D

  4. Hi Naush! Thank you for this post! I am wondering if you know other stores which offer various kinds of pens? I am addicted to pens since I was in grade school and now that I’m working here in Dubai, I still want to stack pens even though I barely use it! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hello Jilianne
      My father, too, liked to collect pens. Vintage as well as modern. Dubai does not have a very vibrant market with reference to stationery. There are a handful of regular stationery stores like :- Dubai Library distribution, Farouk stationery, Al Furqan bookshop, AMJ Stationery, Office Rock. However for variety, you could also try stores like Typos, Magrudys, Daiso, Creative Minds. Sometimes, even bookshops like Pioneer, Borders and Kinokuniya carry pens. And then there are obvious places like Carrefour supermarket, Geant or Hyperpanda.
      If you do find pens elsewhere, please do share with us.
      All the best

  5. DEAR naush, this is yassar ,
    i checked the above all stores ,unfortunately i didnt get sharpie markers, if you have any updated source please let me know , very urgent

    • Sorry for the delay in replying. Sharpies are available at outlets including Creative Minds and Virgin Megastore.

    • Hi Arathi. Quite a few stores have started stocking sharpies regular and fine tip. However, you could try Virgin Megastore for the sharpies flat highlighters.

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