Paperworld Dubai

Hi Friends,

Paperworld Dubai 2013 was held between March 5 – 7. For someone who insanely loves paper and color, this visit was like diving into paradise.
From scrapbooking goodies to stationery to wood works to party accessories ~ this exhibition was stacked up with piles of eye candy.
Here are just a few pics of the stalls and their beautiful contents.


  1. Reblogged this on A Creative Mom in Dubai and commented:

    An excellent experince, where office stationery ~ scrapbooking goods – party wares – were all covered !! I actually felt like a child lost in the candy store !!! Lost yes ~ but very happily ofcourse !!
    If you missed it, worry not, it will return next year again. Only a matter of a few ( 10) months

    • Where is this paper world?! Am realy looking for a shop where i could find embellishments..for my collage project…could u tell me when exactly is tht exihibition or where can i find such shops or atleast by online?

      • Naznin, Paperworld was an exhibition in Dubai. Its over now. Although, Dubai does not boast of many stores for embellishments, you might have to be more specific in what kind of embellishment (fabric, metallic, or stuff for scrapbooking or purely art based projects ) are you looking for and I can guide you in that direction.
        Thank you for writing to me Naznin.

        • Assalamu alaikum paper world a yearly exhibition? I have jus started with a collage art work in which am using almost all kinds of materials like fabric,small metal pieces, plastics etc..and its quite difficult for me collect mettalic and wooden work is almost as same as scrapbooking, except that am doing it on a canvas..thank u for ur quick reply naush..

        • I would also like to know if where could i find stencils for texture painting…. Am using this technique as well in my collage…. Thank u…

        • Hello Naznin, sent you an elaborate mail on the sources for all the materials on your gmail.

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