Holiday in England.

Hi friends !   I’m back from an absolutely refreshing and strangely enough, exhausting trip to England.  Not only was the month long holiday full of adventure but it was the first time I visited London along with the boys.

We stayed in London for a week or so, to attend my nieces’ wedding followed by a couple of days at Windermere at Lake district in the North of England and later hired a car and drove all over the south !! LITERALLY ALL OVER !!!  My intimate friend Judy had arranged one of her homes for us to stay in Midsomer Norton in Somerset. So we’d pop over at Bristol and Bath for a day trip and pop back to our temporary home. Again a day at Longleat safari park which houses the absolutely amazing Longleat palace. Wookey holes, wells and Cheddar Gorge (home of cheddar cheese !) was a full day tour. Ofcourse one of the best trips was to the Haynes International Motor museum followed by the Fleet Air Arm Museum.   Another day, we visited the home of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth. And how beautiful the beaches are in Portsmouth, Wayworth, and Western supermare !!  A lot of interesting and unusual caves were on the itinery in Hastings as well as Ingelstone.  Naturally how do you visit the south-east of England and not pop on over StoneHedge !!!

I cannot describe in as many adjectives just how fantastic the country side and the sea-side in the south of England is.  It is virtually one large water-color canvas with colors and hues of grey one morning to bright shining tones in the afternoon. We basked in the sun, the rains thrilled us and the chill  in the north was something that was what every family from the middle-east loves and misses the most about UK.

It was such a perfect trip. I really have a gazillion photos of our trip, which I am hoping to share in the coming posts ! We saw it all,  waterfalls from mist soaked mountains, cows, goats, sheep, lush green meadows, cows, goats, sheep, deep serene lakes of the north, cows, goats, sheep, the “real” villages of England with tiny bylanes and narrow streets, awesome beaches,  cows, goats, sheep and unusual caves with mysterious stories around them, historical churches, museums and lavish castles.

We travelled by almost all means of transport including  bus, metro, train, and finally by car too !!   Infact, we wished to take a balloon ride but the day, we wished to book the ride, we were recommended not to, since the wind conditions were expected to turn bad.  Yes, I could easily fill a couple of books with this trip.

A few mishaps are a part and parcel of every trip. Thank fully, nothing major except my phone fell to the ground and got a large crack which rendered it non-functional, disabling all my phone numbers since they were fed into the phone memory and not the chip 😦

We missed Keiki and Pepper dearly. The gardener was given the responsibility of feeding them in the kitchen but somehow they both played on mind virtually everyday 😦 Only after we returned, did I realize, why I had felt so bothered about them both. Yes, it a ESP thing !!

One of the conveniences we take for granted in Dubai are the Halal food in supermarkets  and Halal meals in every restaurant.. Hand showers with water in every toilet. Dubai spoils us for choices and we tend to not realize how precious it is to find a masjid in every second street. Alhamduallah.

Tom Tom, the GPS devise emerged as a new huge hero for us, during our long hours of driving. We completely fell in love with it. The comfort of knowing where a speed radar, a fuel station or even the nearest Tesco is, was such immense relief.

I have returned with heaps of beautiful memories and the best being that of spending all this time exploring with my family, friends and relatives. It was such amazing joy, meeting cousins and relatives whom we had only seen photos of, especially thru facebook !!

I am briefly sharing just a very few pictures of some of the beautiful sites I found especially beautiful in UK.

These pictures are of one of our trips to Central London at Picadilly Circus and the adjoining tourist areas. I was blown away by the architecture of the buildings ! Absolutely breath-taking !!


















I mean, can you just imagine the pain-staking intricate stone carving ! Absolutely brilliant !!  I have only just shared a tiny portion of one afternoon spend in the city ~ so u can imagine just how much is in store for you 🙂

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