7 ways with pallets & organizing my backyard !!

Hello dearies !! How have you been ??

Me, I’m running in full gear organizing my garden, courtyard and backyard !! And that’s quite a lot.

A couple of facts :-

  • We live in Dubai
  • A  part of Dubai is still desert while the other part is a beautiful concrete jungle which includes the worlds tallest tower – Burj Khalifa !!
  • Wood is precious ! If you’d like to work on a wood project, you’d have to buy wood in places like Ace Hardware at the Festival City.  We have many hardware stores but only a handful would be able to provide wooden planks ~ some are located in Al Quoz industrial area.  So for the DIY enthusiasts like me, a pile of dumped pallets is like honey for the bears !!

Back to my courtyard improvement :-  I’ll just explain alitte about my house surroundings. My house is fenced and surrounded by a large patch of land on all four sides.

The front two sides  of  the courtyard are being prepared for the garden. ( will share in another post, once the grass starts grinning )

The third side of my backyard will house my kitchen garden. (hopefully)

And 4th side where my kitchen door opens has  :-

  • My “Recycle park ” (work much in progress)
  • My wood workshop ( a small open space with tools )
  • Two large sheds
  1. One of the shed carries all my exhibition stands, dozens of workshop chairs, frames and many other things related to my exhibitions.
  2. The other shed is for all our domestic storage.

My wood workshop is nothing great but just an open space with a couple of wooden stands for wood chopping, designing and sanding. A few tables to carry all my tool kits and a wire rack to hold some of my hardware stuff. Samie has provided excellent flood light just recently which makes working in the evening so much easier now. Below here is my little wood workshop.


Much before all the grass, plants and flower beds get worked on, I wanted to organize all the stuff lying around in the backyard making it look terribly messy.

The dumped pallets, (which I mentioned in my previous post) served several purposes here.   We are expecting rains this season, so I did not bother painting them. Here are just a few ways in which the pallets helped in making the backyard presentable .


I have wanted a picket fence for like forever !!! And now, I get to make one for my garden !! Once you get rid of the 3 edges, and cut the planks in a v shape, it gets this look. I will be digging the base, deeper into the soil so that it gets support. With every pallet, I can make 2 of these !! We never wanted the plastic ones that you get at Ace Hardware or Daiso, coz they really are too small and cannot withstand the desert heat or the sandstorms.  This turned out to be the perfect solution.


The center log that gives support to the pallet is much thicker. I cut out these house like structures from them. I have nearly 5-6 of them. Although I love their natural color ~ I might alter them with some decoupage or paint, if I get tired of this look.


The cycles are generally not used in the summer months so they get dumped in a corner, but this is the season, the boys get them out often for a ride. I found this idea on pinterest and I can tell you, its so much more easier to have them on these “Pallet stands” !!  You don’t even have to nail them coz they are so sturdy.


What could be more fun than a ball pit in a sand pit !!!! The cats love it ~ the boys love it !! And believe me, it was super easy !!!


I have plans of placing larger planks on the base of these two pallets inorder to give them some height, plus a mattress and we can make patio sofas out of them !! How cool is that ~ but right now, I am unsure if I would like to carry out this plan, since we already have large benches in the patio. So with this project, we’ll just have to wait and see.


I have already made several garden signs and sign boards with these in various shapes. Ofcourse these single plaques are shaped in arrows but I have some which have been nailed together in formation of twos and threes ~ which are waiting to be painted.  But that’s for another post 🙂


I really like, that the brooms, mops, shovel and other cleaning sticks have now a proper place with support to keep them together. This really makes organization so convenient.


So that’s it. These pallets have benefitted us a lot. But there are many incomplete pallet projects still waiting for my attention. Hopefully, I will share those in another week or so.

I am linking this project with the following parties ~ It would be great if you could also join these fun parties.

I hope you found some of these ideas inspiring. Please share with me if you have made any use of pallets. I’m always looking for inspiration 🙂

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    • Wow Audra !!! A deck out of pallets !!! Sounds fantastic. I must pop over at Renewed projects to have a peep at all your projects. Thank you for visiting me Audra 🙂

    • Hi Chiara, I think, I have seen some tables made from Pallets in Pinterest. I think the pallet hanger is an excellent idea too. Maybe I can try it if I have more pallets left. Thank you so much for visiting me Chiara.

  1. These are such great ways to use pallets. It makes me wonder why I didn’t think of them myself! I especially love the bike rack and the little sand box. Great ideas! Would you be willing to share this post and any of your other great ones at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a fantastic day. http://www.abrightandbeautifullife.com/making-monday-14/

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

    • Thank you for visiting me Kayla. Love joining your party and just diving into all the creative ideas the ladies come up with !!

  2. Oh wow, all of these are such fabulous ideas. Love them. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh my goodness!!! So many GREAT ideas! I love them all! Thank you for linking up with Twirl & Take a Bow! xo

    • Wow Andrea !! So glad you left this message ~ just went back and checked out some of your projects. My o my !! You are so creative !! I love how you incorporate metal in your scrapbook pages ! Thank you for visiting me.

  4. I love pallets. I mean, how can you go wrong with free? I have a whole pin board just for pallet projects. Thanks for adding to that! (LOL) You have some wonderful ideas here. Never thought about the bike rack.

    • Thank you for visiting me Chrystal. Wow ! I have to head over to your pin board and view your pallet projects. Your so right !! You don’t really feel the pinch when you goof up on a pallet project ~ It is free, after all 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for joining us at the Creative Home and Garden hop and sharing these brilliant ideas. I’m happy to tell you that this post is going to be featured this week. Please come to http://mumtopia.blogspot.co.uk/ to grab your “I was featured” button and link up with us again on Sunday.
    Best wishes from Great Britain!

  6. All wonderful ideas. You are very creative. I love the bicycle rack and everything else. thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    • I just realized you joined us on the CLIMB. Thank you for joining us this week. We are very happy to have you CLIMBing with us. Again, I love all of your ideas.

  7. Hi There, I’m very new to your blog, don’t remember now how I found you. I subscribe to many blogs and love to go thru posts on the blog parties.
    I’m a die hard crafter since I was a kid but especially now in my “golden years”. Discovering blogs was a wonderful thing for me, I’m so inspired all the time, never enuf time to do all the projects I want to do.Really like your blog, lots of great projects but mostly “meeting” so many talented, interesting great people. .
    Hubs and I work with pallets all the time, it’s our wood of choice mostly. We make many different things with them. Hubs made a gate replica for over our bed with pallet wood. I hang different plates, plaques, whatever I come across that I like. I put beaded garlands I get at a craft store on the gate depending on the season. Just enjoy decorating the gate.
    I love your picket fence.and the many very useful things you used the pallets for, very smart ideas. Going to subscribe to your blog so I can follow what you do and how your life goes.
    You mentioned boys, how many do you have? We have 2 grown up boys and 2 grown up girls. The boys are in the middle, 16 months apart. The girls are 10 yrs. apart. oldest and youngest kids. We have 6 grand kids. Sounds like you have a really big yard all around your house, you’re really ambitious making gardens.
    Would love to hear from you, tell me about yourself and your family.
    Happy days I don’t have a blog. .

  8. Great ideas! Love the bike rack, too cool! 🙂 Good luck with your garden, can’t wait to see! Thanks for linking up to Follow along friday! If you haven’t, we would love you to link up to our Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  9. There are various stores here that give pallets away, because they are free I have thought how can I use these. You have given me some great ideas, I really like using them to organize our yard tools. Thanks so much for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist, featuring your post this week.

    • Thank you for your comment Joyce. Yes, isn’t it so much more convenient that we can actually just hang so many items even for the garden on these upright pallets, like watering can, gardening tools, shovels etc !!

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