Family Holidays in Dubai !!

Hello friends !!! Yes, its me and I’m still alive !!

The past 2 months have been so chaotic, to say the least. One word comes to mind immediately “VISITORS” !!!  Its been a period full of in-house visitors from various countries and a special visit from my parents too.  It was fun and stressful at the same time. In December we had 17 guests at a time  and that was something !!   My sister-in-law also joined us with her family from Saudi Arabia and we really had a blast in the kitchen, preparing large meals and fighting away like cats and dogs !! Being of the same age, we’ve always been like pals rather than relations and it was really one looooong party, to say the least 🙂

Yes, thats quite a huge bunch of us, isn’t it !!


All the kids !


That’s my SIL right next to me, in the mixed print scarf.


and these photos don’t even include the men in the family !!

Dad and Mom stayed with us for nearly a month ~ and I cant begin to tell you how they pampered me with amazing “mom-cooked meals” !!  Mom loves to cook and she tends to forget all her ailments once she starts her chopping and slicing bit !! The fridge magically got stacked with sweet chutneys and green chutneys and achaars and what not !! Most people from Bombay are suckers for the hot and tangy street food called chaats and no one makes them better than mummy. We feasted so many times on these in the past couple of weeks !! Its called Sev Puri.


Whatever little creative genes, I possess, comes from my super creative dad and so, I took complete advantage of having daddy home. I got to fulfill my long time dream of wood working with Daddy. I’ve always been a bit weary of using the drill machine but when he taught me the ropes, I took to it, like a fish to water. I am happy to report that not only have I gained confidence but I can now, differentiate between which screws would fit which drill bit holes and the fishers too !! And for a layman like me, I think, its a great achievement.

Dad was impressed with all the projects, I had created before he came. He probably never expected me to work on wood and it must have him baffled !! Daddy, is a brilliant craftsman but he’s not a patient teacher so one has to really slice and dump their ego before standing and understanding what he needs , what he’s saying and what he means.

Here are just some of the photos showing Daddy working away happily in my backyard wood workshop.

Dads painting one of my wall shelves with a coat of white.


As you can see in the background, we have heaps of logs and planks, Dad is preparing one such plank so as to convert it into a shelf.


Dad’s fixing this really difficult joint of one of my wheel carts, placed in the garden.


We’re working on a center shelf with some scrap wood, for my craft studio


We finally bought the sail shade from Ace Hardware and dad and the whole family contributed, into fixing it for the kitchen garden.


Lots of picnics, meals, horse races and out-of-station visits followed !! Its been a maddening month but one which we all will remember for years to come !

My best friend Judy and her husband David were also visiting Dubai and probably the only time I really miss living at the Ranches is when she is around. We were  practically inseparable while I stayed at the Ranches 😦  She is a huge blessing in our lives and its not very often that I turn to anyone’s advise, like I turn to her.

What a fun day was had at Judy’s place at the Ranches.


That’s my best friend, Judy and David with Mom and Dad.


So yeah ! There you have it !! With so much happening between family, friends and relatives, the blog was bound to be neglected.  Inspite of that, I have heaps of projects ready and waiting to be posted.

Thank you for visiting me today. I hope you drop by again.

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