Carnival Games in Dubai.

Remember, I mentioned in my previous post, about how young boys find themselves, feeling and believing that arts and crafts were a ‘thing’ for the girls ??!! Its not their fault, really. Sadly enough, a large number of Asians, do inculcate such values in their children. Categorizing certain activities to a particular gender, in a world, where we have more male chefs at any given day and more career oriented women, seems like a wasteful thought and a way of placing limitations to your child’s horizons, but in reality, it IS practiced 😦

Necessity is the mother of all invention ! How apt !!

So while the little girls stamped their cards or embellished their frames, the brothers accompanying them, just dilly dallied around. My boys decided, they would introduce some carnival activities to liven the atmosphere in our next fair ! Our hosts obliged and it was a total hit.

carnival games in Dubai 5

carnival games in Dubai 1 carnival games in Dubai 2 carnival games in Dubai 3 carnival games in Dubai 4  carnival games in Dubai





The first time my son manned a stall all by himself was when he was 6 years old !!! We were participating in a fair at St Andrews College. Nearly half an hour, before the closing time, the lady who was conducting some of the games stall, decided to pack up early. Her table lay empty. A couple of minutes later, Lo and behold, sawaab (our six year old ) has set his table full of his old toys !!! He had actually carried a bag full of all his old toys in good condition, to sell.  To our amazement, he started getting a lot of young customers too !!! What really surprised me is how he sold his toys for dhs 2 and could count change so easily !!

Sawaab has always been inclined towards business. His mind is always racing and charged with ideas. Where as Buddy is the inventor (creative and highly academic minded)  while young Eman is the charmer ! His personality and sense of humor ~ leaves me in complete awe !!!

All three are blessed with spectacular talents.

In the above pics, all three of them were in charge of their own games and once again, proved just how well they managed their new “venture” 🙂

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