Where do you buy craft supplies from, in Dubai ? Part 2.

24 Years in this beautiful city called Dubai, and I’m still in love with the spirit of this city.  I believe, Spirit is not defined by tall, fancy structures, sophisticated transport system, exuberant hotels or a show of unimaginable wealth. But the spirit of a city engulfs, the culture of its native inhabitants, the simplicity of their existence in a rapidly growing and glowing environment. It is also characterized by how quickly, it can adapt to change while preserving its hospitable nature as hosts. The maintenance of regulations, the observance of discipline and respect, the conservation of its fauna and flora are just a few to name.  Infact, today, I feel, this vivacious city, bloomed right before my eyes.

From harsh unforgiving dunes rose a mighty tower that attracts more visitors from all over the world – by the hour !!! From a trading port, today, it is recognized equally for being a tourist haven. Dubai has changed perceptions.  Dubai has challenged and accepted challenges. Dubai has morphed from a transit city to a tranquil dwelling for thousands. It has smoothly flourished and enabled thousands to burgeon as well.

15 years back, I started toying around, with the idea of crafting with my toddlers, reawakening a latent passion for arts.  However, there were no classes, workshops or tutorials to cater to the craft enthusiasts. (ie non-art academic students) And neither were there, any specialized hobby stores.


Ofcourse, where we’ve been fortunate with some excellent stationery stores like Dubai Library distribution, Farouq Stationery, Al Furqaan, which, carry basic school, office, art supplies in addition to kits for various activities eg. knitting, jewelry making, cardmaking and such  .. but there were limitations … infact plenty of limitations back then.

From an ‘era’ where internet was about the long and erratic wait to a dial up connection and where, skills were limited to enrolling in specialized classes, the average ‘crafting Joe’ struggled with realizing his potential quirky element !! Infact, names of some supplies were still unheard of then !  While rubberstamping was a rage, soon scrapbooking and Card-making followed suit.  Dozens of  hobbies became easily attainable and convenient for the avid but non-art-student with the advent of the ‘world wide web’ like quilling, decoupage, mixed media, paper-making, mosiac, print-making, flower making, sewing, knitting, origami, photography – just to name a few !

However, an optimistic craft enthusiast and an ardent shopper, has been a beastly concoction brewing within me ! My pursuit to explore and ‘gather’ (notice I used the word, ‘gather’ which gradually qualified into hoarding !!) rubber stamps, embellishments, die cuts, decoupage sheets, quilling needles etc,  had me rummaging through the bustling nooks and crannies of a ‘more tame’ and much more smaller Dubai and Sharjah !  Stores in Deira that would stock laces, beads and buttons – the local haberdashery, mainly for fabric and textile purposes – but it was an adventure and when I would finally land on an ‘ideal’ store – it was like hitting jackpot !!


Paper lane, Creative Hands and Elves and fairies were one of our first sources for scrapbooking and card making supplies.craft-supplies8

While Wasco White star in Jumeirah, was a teacher’s paradise. They hosted top quality, costumes, party ware and school supplies, all made in USA.


I bought my son’s first craft kit from …………………………………….. Toys r us !!!! (In all honesty, my little guy never got to use it – It was mine from the moment we got home  😉 )

If you ever google “hobby crafts” – it would lead you to stores which carry motorized toy cars, helicopters, boats and hummers ! ( you get, which ones I mean, right ?)

STEIN, GERMANY - JULY 05: A variation of colour pencils are displayed at the industrial selling shop at the Faber-Castell factory on July 5, 2011 in Stein near Nuremberg, Germany. Faber-Castell is among Germany's leading manufacturer of pencils, pens, art supplies, office supplies and high-end writing instruments, and was founded in Stein in 1761 by Kaspar Faber. Through a marriage in 1900 to the noble Castell family the company took its present name and is currently lead by Count Anton von Faber-Castell. The company still has two production plants in Germany but has its biggest manufacturing centers overseas, including in South America, Indonesia and China. The company will mark its 250th anniversary on July 8. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

Fast forward 2016, we are spoilt for choices !! Some amazing stores that have been providing a vast variety of scrapbooking, paper crafting, decoupage, fabric, textiles, paints, canvases and other hobby supplies are :-

Three stores that carry a wide stock of art and craft supplies as well as ready made products are :-


I would not like to belittle the importance of the dhs 1 – dhs 10 stores, scattered all over the city, much like the Day to Day stores, these outlets can also act as catalysts for the innovative mind. (Their only shortcoming limited to their quality)

Ofcourse, Ace Hardware is every DIYer’s paradise ! But I also loved the DIY section at Clas Ohlen .

Naif Road and the back alleys of Gold souk still remain my favorite hotspots for buttons, beads, lace, fabric and embellishments. However, these are stores that are wholesalers, hence if you are looking for only a dozen buttons, its not worth struggling in this area – the store keeper is not going to entertain any quantity, lesser than a carton !!!

There has been a positive shift and crafters are utilizing the convenience of online shopping as well !!

My previous post on the same subject was nearly, 4 years back. Its pretty obvious how many more outlets have opened doors and virtual doors to creative individuals.

One of the most common comments, I receive on this blog are not comments – but questions !

Questions about where to buy supplies from, what material is durable, which glue is best for which surface, what are my go to stores for which items, which paint for what project, how to design a small garden etc. These are some of my most asked questions I receive.

I hope to be able to enlighten you with all the answers in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I hope you take advantage of all the above information and enjoy, shopping and completing creative projects.

Thank you for visiting me today. Trust you will stay a while and leave some love in your comments.

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  1. Hi, we stay now in Sharjah for some days and look for sewing accessories and buttons and more. Would be nice to get contact to help us find shops for this.

    • Hello Thomas. Staying in Sharjah, comes with its own set of advantages. One of which is the number of haberdashery stores which keep a large supply of buttons, beads and sewing accessories. Please try on the opposite side of Bank street – there is a stream of Textile/fabric stores, you will find a row of these haberdashery stores in one of the adjoining rows.
      Hope the info helps you. All the best.

  2. Hi, I’m so glad I came across this post! I was wondering whether you know where to get nylon flower making supplies in Dubai? I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t seem to find anything. Thank you!

    • Hello Shireen, Thank you for your mail. I apologize was the delayed reply. Have you tried Daiso ? There are a bunch of stores in Satwa, which stock, traditional haberdashery stuff, but they also carry nylon material as well. Hope. you are able to find it.

  3. Hey
    Where do you think we can get washi tape at a reasonable price in UAE?
    Thank you for a really informative post!

    • Hello Aseena, Washi tape is now available at several outlets. Have you tried Daiso, Dollar Store or Dubai library distribution ? You will surely find them at Creative Minds, Creative Hands and Paperlane.
      Happy Crafting !

  4. Hi there 😊 Thank you for this informative post. Would you please be able to tell me where I’d find felt in the UAE. Craft felt..wool felt..all forms of felt? Thank you

    • Hello Rushda, Craft felt can easily be found at any stationery store, like Dubai library distribution or craft stores like Creative Minds or Craft land. There are also several haberdashery stores on the Satwa road eg Caspan etc which supply felt.

  5. Hi, I stumbled on your post – great resource, thank you for sharing!

    Have you come across pom pom trim anywhere? I only moved here to Dubai a couple of weeks ago so not been able to see much yet but I’d really like some pom-poms for a project I’ve got in mind.

    I’m following you on Instagram now, my tag is @doriyabb if you want to follow back.

    • Hello Dori, Thank you for your message. Pom Poms are generally available at most stationary stores, however, since your new to Dubai, reserve a couple of hours for a trip over at Creative Minds. They are a huge space for craft supplies. Will follow you back on insta 🙂

  6. Many thanks for you Naush
    Can u advise my from where I can get woodcraft like boxes or frame and tea tray or wood board with good price I Sam in creative mind but looking for cheaper store than it.

    • Thank you for your message Shreen. You can find boxes and frames for crafting at Daiso for dhs 7 -dhs 10. But you can also find them at Dragon mart. ( that is if you have the time and energy 😉 )

  7. Hello Naush. Thank you for this great post. Any idea where i can find waste canvas for embroidery in dubai or sharjah?
    Any shops you have tried at dragon mart that you can recommend for arts and crafts?
    Many thanks,

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