Four techniques to Alter a glass bottle.

Hello friends,

Altering a glass bottle is fun. There are tons of ways to go about it. I am sharing four techniques here.   And in case, your wondering why are there only three bottles in the feature photo, the fourth bottle did not turn out as expected due to . . . . lets just say, my over indulgence with the spray can !

For the first technique, I soaked roughly torn strips of newspaper in PVA glue and adhered them to the bottle.  After two coats were dried . . . . . . 

I used “shoe polish” – thats right – you read it correctly, I placed some shoe polish on a brush and smeared the color on the bottle.

The idea is to give the bottle a vintage look.  The ‘veins’ have to look prominent and present a crackle effect 

Next step was to decoupage some tissue and add some lace and beaded ribbon on the bottle.

For the ‘Egg shell mosaic”,  i gave one coat of Gesso to the bottle, followed by sticking pieces of egg shell on the bottle.

Once the egg shells were dried and adhered strongly to the bottle, I decoupaged some fancy issue flower shapes on the bottle, followed by one coat of concealer (modge podge)

I ended the project with a fancy flower ribbon on the lip of the bottle. Voila !!

Although this project started off, pretty well. I got over zealous while using the paint can, without realizing that if too much paint is sprayed, it will spread thru the folds of the masking tape. 

I will recommend that if you must try this process, just give a quick splatter effect on the masked bottle. That is far better and will get amazing results.

Disaster 😦 
In this picture, none of them have reached their completion stage.

By far the easiest technique.  Inorder to create a little friction, i painted alittle gesso on the bottom the bottle. Once dry, I started wrapping the yarn on the base of the bottle, with some pva glue.  If you wish to continue in the same color of yarn, you can complete the entire bottle in one color. I wished to break the monotony hence I used two colors.

Once the yarns were wrapped snugly around the bottle. I added two “quilled”  felt flowers .

Which technique did you like the most ?   Have you tried any one of these techniques before ?   

Have you tried altering bottles ?  Do you fancy painting glass ?  Which are your favorite products ?

Please drop in a line to tell me if and how, you liked this easy and fun creations

Recycled objects :-

  • Used Barbican Glass bottle

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  1. Oh my! These are all gorgeous. I am drawn to the eggshell mosaic tho. I would have never thought to use egg shells. Great idea. I will definitely have to give that one a go. Great work!

  2. Really cute projects, Naush! I especially like the rolled felt flowers. Do you have a tutorial on making those, by chance? Just stopping by from this week’s Sweet Inspiration party at The Boondock’s blog ~ congratulations on being featured!

    Hugs and New Year’s blessings to you,
    Barb 🙂

    • Hi Barb ! Thank you for dropping by. I love those swirly quilled flowers too. I’m afraid I have not done a video on that. However, you’ll find several videos on Youtube. Thank you so much for the feature. Its like a New Year Gift for me.

  3. Very cute ideas for recycling glass bottles here! What a great idea about using eggshells for a mosaic look. I also love the vintage style of the decoupage one and never would have thought to use shoe polish instead of dark wax. Clever ideas!

    • Thank you Marie – you can use Tim Holtz distress ink too – to give it an aged look but I did’nt have the walnut color so I improvised 😉

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