Romantic Style Mantle Decor

Hello friends,

You know I belong to a generation ( Dinosaur period ) where, we jotted down dates on the “Calender” and remembered birthdays of friends, family members and relatives (religiously) and posted greeting cards to them, if they lived abroad, atleast 10 days in advance (postal journey time)

If they stayed in the same city, then “REAL”  efforts were made to call them, make them feel special, buy a pretty gift along with a greeting card for them.  Things were really simple.  Brands were really not something, people thought too much about. Its the thought that matters – is the ideology, I was bought up on.

We had never even heard of Teachers day.  Fathers day and Mothers day were the only ‘special days’ we were acquainted with.

I remember,  I was in Grade 8, mid 1980s, when one of my friends, who had just returned from holidays in USA, got me a sticker set of fruits which when rubbed, gave off the whiff of bananas, grapes, oranges and lemon and a greeting card for Valentines day.

Valentines day was unheard of in those days, in Kuwait.

Naturally, not having Google around – meant we got ALL our information from books.

I don’t ever remember reading about any valentines day occasion anywhere, but the concept seemed interesting. Especially since we were at an impressionable age where every “long gaze” from the opposite sex, was considered as a ‘crush’ 🙂

Valentines day just gave us all, school-goers, an excuse to share our feelings with our friends.  Those were also the days of silly slam books !! Did you have those ?

Truly, those were simple days.  Innocent times with no complications like today.

Fast forward to 2019, I find all these barrage of ‘special days’ just a waste.  These are reduced to just occasions glorified by the Hallmark -kinda -industries to capitalize on !

There is a long queue of these willy-nilly day declaring including some like,  World television day,  International day of happiness, World toilet day – Its bizarre due to the fact that more than two billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation.

Having said that, i strongly support any month or day, which brings about awareness of any disease or disorder or mental health state.  I have always been an avid supporter for the Breast Cancer month & Autism awareness month

However, I don’t think, we really need a special day to remind our loved ones, how precious they are, how much we value them. My husband taught me, It should be a gesture we provide in our every day-to-day life.

After a recent exhibition, we returned home totally exhausted. I was bone tired and slumped on the couch, barely able to raise my feet.  It took two long days of arduous efforts in setting up and dismantling, not one but two stalls for the exhibition.

We decided to leave all the supplies and exhibition material in the car and off load it the following day.  I knew all the boys were drained as well hence two of them hit the sack as soon as we got home, but one of my sons, decided to take the reins in his hands and managed to quietly offload the entire load out of the car, all by himself !!

Not only that, he also fed all 11 of our cats – while I was barely cooling off my heals and wondering how I would walk to the kitchen to feed the cats !!  These are those little acts of thoughtfulness that carry the reward of mountains in them.

Needless to say, when I did finally pluck myself off the couch from my trans-like zombie state, i realized what he had done for us.  I showered him with hugs and my blessings when I found out, how much he went above and beyond the call the duty.

These are things that leave a mark.  These are little acts that speak louder than any wrapped up gift.

Coming back to today’s post. . .

For those of you, who may be looking for Valentines day, decor ideas, here’s a small happy and romantic mantle decor which I put together.

Romantic Mantle decor

All the elements on the table are handmade, except the cages, flower pot and white candle stand.

With titles2

You can find the links to the tutorial of the above diy projects below :-

Tuna can makeover to candle stand

Puzzle blocks makeover to reversible signs

Frame makeover with twigs

Frame makeover with quilled paper flowers

Romantic table setup2Valentines day mantle decor 2Valentines day mantle decorValentines day mantleI hope you find inspiration in some of my projects and might consider attempting some of them.

I am sharing this project with my blog buddies  here .


I’m really glad that you stopped by.  I hope you stay a while and leave inspired.

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    • So glad you dropped by Brooke. But I think, you would get a shock if you visited my craft room. Its a huge room full of jewelry making section, wood tools, paper crafting tools, and a little over 100 boxes. If there’s one place where your decluttering checklist is needed most – its gotta be my craft room !!

  1. What a lovely mantle, it’s very pretty for any time of the year. Whilst we do make a bit of a thing about Valentine’s day, I completely agree that small every day gestures mean a lot more than a once a year grand gesture. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam.

  2. Love it! I saw the Washi Tape picture frame on Fluster Buster, so I clicked on your post at the Snickerdoodle blog party to see the rest of your decorations. A tuna can recycle-awesome!

    • Thank you so much for dropping by. Kristie – I somehow manage to upcycle nearly all my kitchen recycleables !! (Much to hubby’s annoyance) 🙂

  3. Hello Naush, I totally agree, the world has gone mad with ‘special days’. I feel lucky that we live in a place where these days mostly pass us by unnoticed… I do remember loving those scratch and sniff stickers too, I bet they don’t even make them anymore? If only the young knew what they are missing out on.

    Thank you for sharing with #keepingitreal.


    • Finally !!! Someone who has seen and experienced those scented stickers !! You know Debra, we did not have a pampered childhood, but I feel our children’s generation is missing out on SO MANY THINGS. They have so few things to bond with other kids with .. they are so technology focused 😦
      Thank you for your visit and comment.

  4. Thank you for joinning my muttonstyleMonday link up and hope you will join again this week. So good to blog meet you. Funny about your views as I do agree. Hallmark marketing. Yet, here you are decorating a mantel for the season or the day. Lovely it is too. In the UK decorating for seasons hasn’t hit us yet. Only xmas time. A few do for easter now.

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