Furniture ( Wooden Chest) Makeover

One of the first projects I tackled in my new home was the chests’s that we bought from Dubai.  We bought three of them through cargo. They are solid wood but have moved several homes domestically and internationally, hence the the scrapes and scratches.

chest makeover before1

It was a labor intensive project and time consuming but the results are fabulous.

I hope to transform the new home into a cross between coastal and shabby chic.  With that in mind, we bought grey sofas and grey chairs for the dining table from Teppermans.  I must confess, I am not pleased with the sofas, as I find the cushions, not firm enough, also not having a velcro patch under the cushions to keep them fastened, makes them slide out of position. Rather annoying.

The chairs are fabulous though.

Back to the project at hand.

chest makeover before2

After a good sanding and clean up, we gave the chests, three coats of paint.  The wait time was not as too long. But the time between 2nd and 3rd coat is longer.  Once they were done, I decided against distressing them and straight away, went into completing the project with two coats of varnish.

chest makeover before3

I used the roller for the paint and brush for the varnish.

chest makeover before4

Here is the end result.

chest makeover1chest makeover2chest makeover3chest makeover4chest makeover5chest makeover6

The lounge room is still not completely presentable.  And just incase, your wondering, why there are white sheets on the sofa – 2 REASONS. I have 3 teenager sons and 7 cats who use the lounge sofas more than we do !!
chest makeover7

I hope you find inspiration in my projects and might consider attempting some of them.

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I’m really glad that you stopped by.  I hope you stay a while and leave inspired.

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