Tutorial – How to repurpose a Juice Carton.

repurpose juice carton

These firm juice cartons as well as Milk cartons have plenty of uses, I have used it here to design a lantern.   The following youtube tutorial will demonstrate how I made it. Please enjoy watching as well as subscribing to my Youtube channel (Naush Samama)

Repurposed Juice Carton
How to make a lantern @www.doodlebuddies.net
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From Juice carton to Lantern
Lantern from Juice tetrapack

If there’s one thing that I have learnt, its gotta be that there’s a USE for EVERYTHING ! Just keep your eyes open and try to figure out the alternative uses.

Repurposed Juice Carton
Upcycled carton
upcycled fruit juice carton

Can you think up of any more uses to these cartons ? I have a couple of more repurposed projects with these cartons, which I will post in the following days/weeks.

I would love to hear from you.

Whats your blog about ? Crafts, DIY, Gardening, fashion, crochet, recipes ?

Do you also enjoy recycling pantry containers into various home decor items ?

I’m really glad that you stopped by today.  I hope you stay a while and leave inspired.

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    • Thank you Marie. I’m doing a series on these Juice cartons, so you’ll find a couple of more posts of their transformation in the next few posts.

  1. CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 23 for Dessert Recipes (open until August 7) from my previous linkup for Crafts and DIY.

  2. Wow that’s a creative I’m going to enjoy doing this with my daughter very happy to see this post at fortheloveto link-up thanks for sharing

    • Oh thats great Ingrid. We also made a bird feeder with it, which I’ll share shortly in another post.

  3. Naush, you are so creative! I love the way you find new purpose in these things and it is so great for the environment to create art from things we would normally just toss in the trash. When my kids were younger, I always used empty coffee creamer bottles as snack dispensers. They were perfect for it! Thanks for linking up with me.


    • Shelbee, you’re very kind. I’ve always been environmentally conscious but even more so these days. Covid has taught us to take a pause, observe the beauty around us and hopefully try and reduce the waste. We, the human kind had become so self absorbed. We take everything for granted. Dumping piles of rubbish, without a second thought was also a part of that. I am so glad I am making a minuscule effort at bringing the awareness of how easily we can upcycle/repurpose pantry items. Thank you for your thoughtful works of encouragement. Means alot, shelbee.

  4. How beautiful and resourceful! You really are very talented, I love this. So creative! Thank you for sharing this great post with us at #globalblogging

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