DIY Makeover tutorial / Stunning Pickle Jar transformation into home decor

Question – What do you do when one of your son, really digs pickles ?

Answer – But ofcourse, get ready to recycle those mason jars !!

With such little effort, we managed to upcycle these two dull glass jars, into modern vases.

Here’s a step by step tutorial of how to achieve the modern look.

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Mason jar Makeover into stunning home decor vase
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    • Tracy – my home decor palette does NOT have any gold in it but I liked the idea of giving the edge of a shabby chic vase, a tiny gold edge. what should have been a tiny edge – turned into a fat strip -but I liked it so much that I decided the next one should have maximum coverage in gold. Really pleased with how it sits in with my other shabby chic bird houses and lanterns.

    • I know right ! Frankly, the audio quality of my video – sucks !! But I do see an improvement in the videography angles and such. Thank you for watching the video hon. These Jars look really stunning in real rather than virtual – we’d not had the sun for 3 days hence had to make do with indoor lights 😦

    • I know right ??!! I love the look of the pickle jar. Gold is not at all in my home decor palette but I decided I wanted a contrast to the grainy chalk paint texture and I’m glad I decided to play with the gold. Looks much better in the ‘real’ – We haven’t had any sun for 3 days hence was difficult to photograph them. Thank you for dropping by sheryl.

  1. This reminds me so much of when my Mum used to decorate our glass milk bottles and use them as vases. My Nan (who lived with us after my Dad died) would be annoyed at her because the milkman offered a refund on the empties! Haha, thanks for the memories and the lovely ideas. I will definitely recycle my next empty glass jar like this, in memory of my Mum. #mmbc

    • Oh I remember those days, Ann. The milk and beverage bottles were recycled !! Bought back memories too. Nice to “meet” you Ann.

    • Hi Jackie. The golden color acrylic paint is “Pebeo” Studio Acrylics (high viscosity) – I haven’t seen it at Micheals. But we bought ours from Dubai. My photographs are not doing justice to the ACTUAL color. Its a beautiful mat golden. Not yellow. Thank you for dropping by Jackie.

  2. Great upcycle. I love taking something that some think is useless and making it useful again. These are adorable. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. I will socialize your article if buttons are provided.

    • I too, upcycle my glass mason jars for storage – this is the first time, I decided to make a statement piece by showcasing it. Glad you liked it Kathy.

  3. What a fun and creative idea since, I’m sure, we all have empty jars here and there!

    I’m so excited to see you at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!! Thanks for linking. A link back would be great 🙂

    • Priyam – I really dig these jars. Never thought, I would like anything as garish but something about this combo is perfect. Thank you for dropping by hon.

    • Glad you like it Michelle. Never worked with gold befoe but I’m so pleased with the effect that I’m wondering – why didn’t I try it before ! Thank you for dropping by hon.

  4. Naush, so beautiful! I love taking a simple household item and transforming it into something beautiful. Featuring these when this week’s BFF Open House opens tonight. Shokran!

    • Oh wow !! Carol – Have you been to the Middle East ? You wrote shokran !!! Afwan ya Ukhti (your welcome sister)
      I love upcycle projects as well. Thank you very much for the feature.
      Much love

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