How to make a fun Cat Sculpture with recycle materials

This is such a fun and easy craft. The only materials needed are some toilet rolls and some large beverage bottles.

We make a hole in the center of the toilet roll and insert it in this manner with some hot glue.

In order to strengthen the sculpture, I paper mache the sculptures.

Once both the layers of paper mache are dry, you can enjoy painting your cats in various colors and patterns. Add two triangle flaps on the head of the sculpture. Add a few smaller triangles – to give depth.

You can fill various colors, patterns and design.

Your sculpture is ready.

Parents can use this lockdown period to make such enjoyable crafts with their kids. Not only does this craft teach them the concepts of sculptures, pattern, colors and paper mache, but it also gets them to think out-of-the box. It encourages them to understand about recycling – even without actually knowing the basic concept of recycling.

I don’t blame them (kids of this generation), but when we were little, we were quite resourceful with our supplies. Not all of us had doll houses, so some of us designed our own little homes with note book covers or cardboard. We even pretended our pencils were ‘people’ and dressed them with ribbons as clothes in class.

Infact we had one class for Arts and Craft class which was partially non-existent !! Ours was a academically inclined (rota system) school. I don’t ever recall having any one year, where we were ‘TAUGHT’ or encouraged to draw, paint, sketch, build, papercraft or anything. I just remember 3 classes in grade 6 or 7, I think, when a teacher taught us to sew. I LOVED it. Ironically, Today, Its the only medium I have the least exposure to 🙂 I can only sew buttons, hem stitch or sew some cushion covers.

Craft is the best medium which switches on a latent light in a child’s brain. All he needs is some imagination. Unfortunately – children are getting so accustomed to being served fast foods premade ‘imaginations’ thru their ipads.

Most kids today, have craft kits or assembled toys. When my boys were much younger, I would take them over to Hamleys in Dubai. (Not to shop there) It was a feast for the eyes. Such a bright and happy place – its almost a fantasy world for a child. However, I feel, imagination is the best fantasy world for children. And crafts are what help them bring forth their ideas into reality.

Since most parents of kindergarten and elementary schools have been spending time with their children in their online studies, this summer and I hope they realize, just how important arts and crafts are for younger and older children as well.

Unfortunately, it has been taking the back seat in most schools. I truly hope, our education system as well as parents enforce a more elaborate and inclusive art and craft curriculum.

Were you creative as a child ?

I loved, drawing, sketching, sculpture with clay, and of course lego building. And you ?

Sketching was second nature to me, but it infuriated my mom, coz all the last pages of my note books had tiny and large sketches and doodles. I suppose, it worried her that I may not be paying attention in class and doodling away.

In so many ways, it was my friend. It did not judge me, it helped me float my thoughts and kept me company when friends were far and few in between. It was my outlet. Did you ever feel that way ?

My next project tomorrow will also be on simple and quirky sculptures on wire.

Thank you for stopping by and writing to me. I truly appreciate it.

I love reading the thoughtful comments you have been leaving here. It brings immense joy, in such grey uncertain times.

Bless your beautiful and kind hearts for keeping in touch.

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  1. I created many projects when I was a child, and creativity is one of my most cherished and rewarding skills. I hope the next generation enjoys creating as much as I do!

    • Jeanne, there are some parents who observe their child carefully and realize if and what his real strengths and skills are. Then they hone those skills and strengths. Unfortunately, the percentage of such parents is very very low. Half the parents that met me to teach their kids, had one thing to say about their child. “He loves to draw” or he loves to paint. And I often wondered, what else had they been exposed to ? Drawing and painting are the most easily utilized and expressive mediums for children. BUT there are so many more mediums that we SHOULD help them experience.

  2. I used to do junk modelling with the children, but nothing as creative as this! #anythinggoes@_karendennis

    • Oh wow !! Junk modelling is such a beautiful out of the box way of thinking, breaking the mould and getting kids to use their imagination wildly. We used to have those sessions too. Thank you for dropping by Karen, and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Naush, these cat sculptures are just too adorable! And I have felt the same way about reading and writing as you have about crafting. When I was young, I escaped into books and always had a journal in hand in case something needed to be jotted down. I also was much more creative with sketching and painting and other artistic endeavors that I have long since given up. I wonder why we do that….lose touch with the creative child within ourselves? Great post! Thanks for linking up.


    • You know Shelbee – I just rememeber – desperately wanting to take up Arts (Fashion designing or Interior designing) for graduation – but back home, it not considered ideal for kids who do well in Science to opt for Arts 😦 Its an absolutely ridiculous tradition. When I was growing up bright kids got admission in Medicine or Engineering field or Chartered accountancy -Kids who had limited grasping capacity – opted for Arts. Our education system is so bloody screwed up 😦 I excelled in Science (not maths) so even mentioning Arts at home was like blowing a canon ball at home. Years later – after I conceived my second son, my husband realized my interest in crafts and encouraged me. I am blessed that before I leave this world, I can document some of my tiny achievements on this blog.

    • Aww !! Thank you Rain. My folks never encouraged art too. But I think, if you are gifted – it might be latent for some time – and will appear at some stage in life.

  4. These cats are so adorable and clever!! This would be a great project for me to do with my grandkids.

    I’m going to feature this at our Party in Your PJs tomorrow night on my Grandma Ideas site. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

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