DIY Wreath with Cookie liners

I love designing wreaths. They are one of the first things people notice about your home – however, past one year, “that” has become quite irrelevant 🙂

Our wreath for this winter is made of cookie liners. Not only do we eat these cookies from their tin boxes – but we also upcycle the liners to design our wreaths !

I really hope to inspire young and set minds to think outside the box and embrace the idea of recycling. Some people don’t have time to do its while some people frown upon it but there are alot of people who really want to make a difference. I hope my posts can reach those people who might be inspired to craft these designs with their children and friends.

Below is a video format of the tutorial.

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Alot of people have blamed 2020 for being the worst year in recent history – however I believe 2020 has been the year where every single one of us was given a wake up call – every person in every continent was given a jolt. We were reminded of how easily an entire generation can quietly pass into extinction. How insignificant our own lives can seem without a purpose or a goal.

2020 was the realization of an opportunity; an opportunity to begin with a fresh start, to stop wrong practices, to change habits which destroy the planet, to stop disrespecting animals, to make amends with those dear to us, to reach out to causes that make our lives more fulfilling and fruitful.

2020 was just a year and nothing more. But the events that took place were all but planned by the best of the planners, the only Creator. Sometimes a gentle tap, other times a whip lash, and other times a 2020 is unleashed upon us to guide us, to show us the righteous path, to bring us home, and to better understand our own existence.

I hope we stop blaming 2020 for our own follies, and start appreciating and respecting mother nature and all other living beings.

The more I think about it- the more I am humbled, I am grateful to be alive, to be healthy and to share my home with my husband and sons. What can matter more than this ? Thats what 2020 taught us. What we grasp in the palm of our hands is nothing more than a façade – but what we share with those who are around us; family, friends, colleagues and even neighbors is what will carry us thru any adversity.

Thank you for stopping by and writing to me today. I truly appreciate it.

I love reading the thoughtful comments you have been leaving here. It brings immense joy, in such grey uncertain times.

Bless your beautiful and kind hearts for keeping in touch.

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    • Excellent Lauren ! Infact if you could fold and dip the liners in some dye or water colors to give make them more colorful. Bet, the kids would love that.

  1. I loved this post Naush! Your thoughts on the past year are so real, so true, and beautifully spoken. I am still trying to come to terms with everything that 2020 taught me. There were so many lessons that I know I needed to learn. So many things I didn’t appreciate the way I should have. I will eventually get there and I will be a better person going forward. Thanks so much for sharing! (Love the wreath too!)

    • It takes a very great person to soul-search and accept to make changes in his life. So glad there are so many people like you and me who feel that we needed to wake up from the hypnotic life’s we were leading. Many best wishes to you for 2021. Lets ‘use’ it wisely 🙂

  2. Beautiful sentiment, Naush! I agree with you completely. We all live through the worst of times at some point in life but we can so easily change them to the best of times with our perspective and bit of gratitude! What a cute craft as well. I really enjoy cupcake liners as a craft medium. I have seen so many adorable things made with them! Thanks for sharing and linking with me!


  3. It’s true that 2020 should be a wakeup call for us all. God in His mercy orchestrates all of history for His divine purposes. His desire is that we would look to Him, stop relying on ourselves and going our own way. Sometimes it takes great difficulty for that to happen.

    • You know, Donna, “The arrogance of man is that he believes he can control everything” – This line is from the movie Godzilla which we were watching a week back. Sometimes, God has to remind us, who is in control. If you watch some of the nature-related documentaries of the atrocities that we as human beings, have inflicted on animals, birds, fishes and mother nature, and if you are empathetic, you’d wonder, why weren’t we put thru this test much earlier, due to the enormity of our corruption, greed and selfishness. Lets just hope we all are alert enough to stop behaving like zombies and start exhibiting compassion and care for our fellow humans, animals, oceans and forests.
      Thank you very much for dropping by Donna. Hope you join us at Meraki Link Party.

  4. I have a bunch of liners like these! I may give this a try! Thank you as always for sharing with us at Embracing Home and Family!

  5. Love this idea! I will definitely have to remember this next year when we receive the cookie tins. I am all about recycling and reusing as many things as possible. The wreath is so pretty for winter too. Thanks for sharing it this week. #HomeMattersParty

    • Thank you for dropping by Donna. I love recycling and repurposing as well Donna. The only issue is that, we tend to store alot of empty bottles, cartons, cans etc which can be an annoyance to the rest of the family.

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