Islamic poster for year 5

Brotherhood in Islam, was the topic for the poster, manu had to make. I gave him a printed copy of the various hadiths pertaining to this topic and asked him to make a verbal presentation of it.

Manu being manu ~ he is always in a hurry to get things finished, so that he informed me about this project the very day, the task was given out ~ and we had nearly 5 days before submission !!! He wanted to help as much so he could feel like it belonged to him 🙂

We decided to give it the look of a garden, with flowers speaking the hadiths (things said or done or approved by prophet Mohammed sas. We used bright happy colors and sadly, I did not have a large poster in white so we went with what was in hand, brown. Luckily the contrast of bright colors against brown was stunning !! The cloud shapes were used for larger hadiths, while the flowers were used for Quran quotes and one liners quotes. Manu is a perfectionist. He can take a long time just to write a paragraph becoz he wants all his letters to be placed properly and all the work looking neat and tidy. That can quite a challenge for a restless mom like me. Hence all the writing work was done by yours truly.

Since there were so many flowers, Manu did the cutting and I guided him with where it had to be pasted. In just two days, the poster was ready for presentation !! Although, Manu was not still ready with his oral presentation !! So we waited till he was prepared and then he handed the poster to his Islamic teacher and gave an oral presentation. Needless to say, he felt he was on cloud 9 !!! All his friends were talking about it and his teacher actually approached me, at the following PTA meeting to thank me for encouraging him and making the poster.

A happy manu makes a happy mama !!
eman BII4

Brotherhood in Islam poster.
Brotherhood in Islam

eman BII1

eman BII2

eman BII3

eman BII5

eman BII6

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Poster and Paper chain for International day.

My boys have a habit of reaching out to me at the 11th hour for all their school project issues. While I let them work on most of the research work, I design the content for them. In so many ways, its like going back into a different era, where I wished, we had so many creative projects to submit, rather than mugging and throwing up half a dozen chapters in exams. Todays’ education system is quite wholesome in many ways and teaches children more than just reading and reading and more reading.

Buddy had to submit a project about Siberia. He also wanted some form of decoration to go around the wall which reflected the country’s flag colors. So this is what we came up with. He has done a cute collage of the national clothes of Siberia and we did something very simple with paper chains. Honestly that late in the evening, my creative juices had dried up quite a bit. Still I think, he did a good job.

Fotor0603150328 serbia

Fotor0603151137 serbie

So what do you think ? The Siberians are going to be happy with it ??