Meraki Link Party 23

Hello creative friends.

Welcome to the 23nd Meraki Link Party.

Trust you all have had a lovely, peaceful and safe Valentine weekend.

Although I have created quite a few fun and crafty projects over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t posted them since I am trying to align all of them between my Youtube channel, my instagram stories and my blog – hopefully I will have all of them sorted out this week and resume with my posts.

If you’re visiting me for the first time today, I am Naush – the hostess to this party and I am so glad you are here.

The most certain part about life is its uncertainty and its inevitable end so lets share some of our creativity, our passion and our thoughts. Lets encourage each other, motivate each other, inspire each other.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making last to last weeks Meraki so much fun.

Keep sharing your creative, healthy and inspiring posts with us. 

So have fun and make new friends!

Our features from last week are :-

Office Chair Makeover @ Abbots at home

Step by step tutorial for this beautiful DIY Office Chair Makeover. Easy steps for new cushion upholstery, paint, and how to replace roller wheels on a office or desk chair. Before and after office chair makeover.

30 proven tips to make your grocery last longer @ Blessings by me.

tips to make your groceries last longer

50 cool upcycling ideas for the garden @ Pillar box blue

50 Upcycling ideas for the garden

How fabulous and helpful are all these blog post !! Clearly, such a lot of skill and effort has gone into creating them !

And now, for today’s link party :

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Meraki Link Party - Every Monday, link your creative projects with us.

Great -Now lets get the party going !!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Weekly craft blog link party

I appreciate each and everyone of you for joining us.

Help us spread the word about this party by sharing the Meraki Link Party button in your post or use the hashtag #Merakilinkparty when sharing on social media.

I’d love to visit you, lets connect at :-

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  1. Naush,
    Thanks so much for stopping by..In answer to your comment about me shoveling snow and not being afraid of falling…My husband was a letter carrier for the US Post Office.Every year ,they were issued a pair of ice grippers, much like football cleats, that you can slip onto your boots and shoes…They were required to wear them and he never fell while delivering the mail. as they gave him new ones each year, I wore the ones from the year before and you seriously do not slip because it is like wearing football cleats that dig down into the snow and ice. There are stores here that sell them for $5 a pair or you can purchase them on Amazon for about $20 a pair….I feel extremely safe wearing them..I too have severe scoliosis with 5 compression deformities….Unfortunately, being a nurse and constantly lifting patients as I provided direct patient care in a rehabilitation unit in a hospital, took it’s toll..I did have a knee replacement done but I was more afraid of falling prior to the surgery as my knee is more stable now than before the surgery….I also bike on a stationary bike 5 miles a day 5 times a week so my legs are fairly strong including my knees….I feel it is good exercise and I usually feel really good after shoveling after a snow storm….I hope this helps you in not being so fearful of going out in the snow….
    Thanks so much for hosting! I really appreciate the work and time you put in to host a party. I thank you too for visiting each link to pick out features….Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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