About Naush.

Hi there !!

My name is Naush and I’m so glad you’ve found your way over to my little creative nook in the blog world.


My Family :-

I live in Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Married to the love-of-my-life (samie) for the past 20 years !

My biggest and best role is that of being MOM to three amazing young boys ages

19, 17 and 16.

They are my biggest fans as well as my toughest critics.

Whatever little success, I’ve had in the past 15 years, I totally owe it to them.


Ofcourse my family is not complete without our feline children.

13 years back, we began our journey with our first two cats, Keiki and Pepper, however, today we have 9 cats and the fosters keep coming and getting adopted ‘thankfully’

This is my little world and I feel like I am blessed with the best job in the world :

being mom to them and being the center of their universe !!


My Passion :-


I’ve loved art since the time I was a toddler. It was the avenue I choose to express myself. I love all kinds of crafts but have worked for a longer period with papercrafting (designing handmade greeting cards, tags ), Decoupage, Mixed media, Printmaking, Woodworks, Sculpture, Jewelry making, concrete and a few others. I think, I find myself most happy when I am layering mixed media or drilling holes on planks from pallets or organizing my garden.


Guilt Trip :-

 I must tell you that I am quilty of spending long hours of the day drooling on images of DIY, gardens, and recycling projects on PINTEREST rather than ACTUALLY working on these projects !!


What can I say, Pinterest is addictive 😉


Workshops & Programs  :-

It’s great to introduce total beginners to the hobby and give them an outlet for their creative energies.. I enjoy sharing with people how simple products can be used to make fantastic end products, especially like altered art and trash to treasure projects.

Hall of fame :-

I was interviewed by City7 TV

Featured in Khaleej times, Gulf News, Emirates Woman and 7Days.

We have participated in Events held at Al Serkal Avenue, Tamimi Stables, The Archive & Khazan Park.

For the past year, I have been teaching crafts at the prestigious

Al Jalila Cultural Center for children.

I have also been a part of the winter camp at Ductac. (Mall of Emirates)

Doodle Buddies handmade greeting cards are hosted at

Organic Cafe,  Wrapt and Tinker box.

My next workshops are scheduled at

Sajaya Young ladies of Sharjah

Dubai Garden Center.

 I have given special workshops at Government schools for environment related recyle/reuse crafts.

I taught Visual Arts at school for the Primary division at Pristine Private School.

My workshop for ladies is as popular as my classes with children.

I love being around children.


Fun (weird) Facts about me  !

I am a messy crafter 😦  My desk can fill to the brim with supplies when I’m on a project !


I’m a sucker for inspirational Quotes !


 I love collecting  baskets, small plastic containers, small vanity pouches, and coffee mugs.


 I ‘might‘ be borderline-hoarder of craft supplies !


My Craft Studio is my home in my home !!!!

Visit THIS LINK to view my Craft Studio.


My biggest worry is :-


Can’t handle mornings with out my cuppa Joe !


Three things, I can’t leave the house without,

My wallet

My Camera

My mobile phone


Three causes, I stand for passionately,

Human rights

Animal Welfare

Environment protection


Life is really simple – more like


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me alittle better. Maybe I can get to learn about your creative adventures too.

I also hope that, in sharing some of my creations, I might inspire some of you, to create something unique too.

Thank you for stopping by today !

Oh and please leave your comments before you move on. I would love to know who has been visiting me.

I’d love if you could follow me on Instagram – ArtyCraftyNaush



    • Wow what a treat to find your lovely comment on my blog !! Fantastic !! You just made my day. Ofcourse I remember 18 Nov !! Have set the alarm to give me a reminder too. Reminded sam also last friday so hopefully none of us would dare to forget 🙂 I am so happy to see you floating in the internet world. Really must c u more often now. Oh yeah, sheema, Do visit, my original site which is http://www.naush.wordpress.com This site is relatively new and for the sole purpose of displaying my creative projects. However, you will surely like my personal site which is the link mentioned above. Tell me how you liked it. Thanks for visiting darling, Love to the kids.

  1. Well Yes I have found you too! I will pop over to your wordpress site now. Listen girl, I have been here a year this month so its about time we did coffee dont you think. I love all your cards; I am going to link you up with another card maker I am doing a site for tomorrow. Hope all is well with you look fordward to coffee xxx

  2. My grandson and his wife traveled to Dubai recently and took some fantastic pictures. She works for Cerna and was consulting with one of your medical facilities on installing medical software. What a beautiful city you live in with the fountains and all the unique structures. Thanks for becoming a follower and for sharing a little bit about yourself. Your creations are awesome. “Hugs” Carol

  3. It is a wonderful page, so are doing so fantastic job, such beautiful page, ans what a wonderfuk place to leave.
    Thelma Miller

  4. wow what a amazing lady ur i read ur story nd i hve so much respect for u.nd reaily want to meet u.coz im also in arts nd doing frm my childhood.nd my daughter is crazy for arts nd craft.,please do reply me.


  6. great.
    i loved you website. it inspires one to go imaginative and try something totally different.
    i love crafting, but do not have the knack to do anything right.
    so its great to see someone so busy, able to do so much.

    i would love to learn and do some on my own.

  7. Naush, hi.

    Can you provide ‘make your photo frame kits’?
    If so appreciate if you can email me back with an image of what the kit includes and how the end product will look. I’m interested to get 3 kits please.

    Thanks. Hope to hear back from you soon.


  8. Hello,
    I really want to participate in this years craft fair. Kindly contact me on my email.
    I make lots of creative items by hand.

  9. Hi Naush,,saw your blog post really very appreciative,,can i know ur email id and contact number pl.

    • Thank you for visiting me Stacey. I think you have such adorable daughters ~ bought back lovely memories of my sister and me 🙂
      I love your tag line. It is all about our perspective. This world would be a much better place if we just stopped wearing those “eye-hoods” {not sure if that’s what they call them} that horses are made to wear for races ~ where we don’t see beyond ourselves, our homes, our friends and perhaps our country too. We tend to stick to things that are only of direct consequence to us rather than making a difference to anyone else’s life. Change is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS for the best ! Sadly very few people really embrace it. Your tag line is really deep. Loved visiting your site.

  10. Hi Naush,

    I am just following up on the mail … I do not think that you received mine. I have attached the java script here…
    I’ve just been looking through your blog and you have been busy 🙂 It looks fab!!


  11. Hi naush I love what you do and I’m totally inspired. I recently started a gift concierge service company and I would love to perfect the act of gift wrapping. Do you offer training on this. I would be in dubai soon and love to partake in your training if any while also learning about card making. Kindly reply. Thanks.

  12. hi Nuash,

    I am so happy to have found your lovable site!!! i found it while searching ways to make a door hanging. I have a welcome design in my small head but am not sure how i can actually make it and while trying to google ways through which i could actually do it i stumbled on your website. Could i come visit you and learn more from you???

    • Hello Sanju,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I will be commencing a coffee morning, very shortly, and you could join us too.
      Kindly whatsapp me and I’ll sent you the invite.

  13. Hi, was searching for gardening tips in Dubai and came across your blog. I ended up reading your other posts. We share a lot of interests. Great job.

    • Jazak Allah Khair sister Fahmida. That is the sweetest thing anybody has ever told me. I am humbled and honored ! May Allah swt give strength, patience and an ability to recognize their talents and gifts ~ to all of our sisters. ameen.

  14. Hi Naush! Came across your blog (amazing content by the way) while looking for gift wrapping lessons in Dubai. Can you please recommend any?


  15. Hi

    I’am pleased to invite you to Sajaya young ladies of Sharjah – Kalba Branch ,
    to deliver a course on “ Gift wrapping” if you want can you please give me your email to send more details

    thank you

  16. Hello Naush
    What a lovely blog u have here, I’ve recently moved to Dubai and I have interest in crafts – where do you advise best place to purchase craft supplies ? Also you mention the glue E-6000 in one of your posts, where am I able to purchase this glue here? Also do you have any knowledge about stencils ? Such wall stencilling or furniture stencilling ?
    Thank you in advance

  17. Hi Naush!
    I thought about you last week, and today I received your email inviting me to join “LinkedIn” (but I am not a member). What a surprise, and am so glad to know that you, and your lovely family, are well and happy. Please post your new craft room photos soon! Happy New Year from me to you, with warm wishes that you are blessed in 2017 beyond your wildest dreams!
    With love,

    • Oh how wonderful to hear from you Margaret !! Haven’t heard from you in quite a bit. Trust the New Year’s celebrations were great. Thank you again dear friend.

  18. Hello NAUSH, am looking for palissade transfer paper badly in UAE. Do you think you can help in finding it

    • Hello Afra, have you tried Emirates Trading Est or Canvas art store in Dubai Mall ? If you don’t find it at both these stores, then try Souq.com
      All the best

  19. Hello! I just moved to a studio, (got divorced) and i have a dog, he was trained to do his thing on the grass, but now i have only a balcony, i put sintetic grass, but he doesnt like, so i have to take him out everytime, and im worried on summer. So i thougt of making a small grass garden. So id like to know where i can find grass to buy. I really appriciate if you can help me! Best regards

    • Hello Silvia. Thank you for your mail. What breed is your dog ? Silvia, almost all breeds of dogs, need a certain amount of exercise everyday. They need to exhaust that energy and also excrete their waste at that time I would request you to opt out of the grass idea and request you take your dog on walks twice a day. If you are working in an office and can only make it once a day, (walking the dog) perhaps you can get a neighbor to take him on walks. Growing grass in a studio is not a feasible idea. However if you have decided to buy grass, you can get grass-carpets in numerous stores in Al warsan. There are several nurseries which will provide these carpets to you.

  20. I just discovered you and am so happy to find a kindred spirit so far from my home on an island in Washington State, USA. Love your creativity and passion for animals and the environment. Women will bring the world together!!! I look forward to following you and enjoying your wonderful ideas. I wish you the best of health dear lady. Sending Cheer!

    • That is such a lovely message, Connie, You just made my day !! We live in the city of Kitchener in Ontario, Canada. You’re right, Animal welfare and the environment are key subjects, that I “try to” work towards – doesn’t always work thought. but its worth the try. Besides, every little effort counts, isn’t it ? So happy to meet you Connie. (maybe one day in person)

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