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Hello and Welcome to Naush’s Craft Room.  If you’d like to visit my latest Craft studio, please visit the link :- Tour of my Ikea Craft Room.
If you’re like me, 
  •  a crafter at heart, in spirit &  mind,

  • love to keep experimenting and learning new techniques,

  • giving things a new lease of life repurposing or upcycling them

  • feel at ease working in your little craft space for hours together

  • blogging happily about mundane things that you “created”

  • look forward to linking “projects” to the various wonderful linking parties

  • Your favorite places to hang out are thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets.

  • And Pinerest is your best friend !!! 

well …… then you have come to the right place.
Below is a slideshow of my Craft room ~ Design studio or Craft Studio, which ever you prefer to call yours. Grab a cuppa coffee and feel free to go thru all my drawers.
Its a happy place full of color and my crafty toys. I read somewhere that “ A CLEAN HOUSE IS THE SIGN OF A WASTED LIFE”  I dont exactly agree with it, but prefer to hide behind this quote when it comes to the clutter on my craft desk 😦
So anyways long story short : Temporary loss of creative Mojo can also be a good thing for the organizing junkie in me !
2 weeks back,  I had had enough of the chaos in my design studio (DS) and just had to get things into their corners, shelves, drawers, pockets, folders and where ever  else not @@ 
My domestic motto is “Everything has a place and Everything in its place” but ofcourse the DS does not really come in the realms of domestic domain, now does it ?? ! I mean, it is larger part hobby and some parts business, isnt it ?
Okaaaaay !! So thats just another one of the excuses I use to explain the heaps of “stuff” :-  stripes of paper and scraps that line every inch of my DS floor !! Finding the scissors, or punches or doublesided tape or one of the nestablilities dies, or even worse,  that one eyelet I just took out from the pack, right in the middle of a desk filled with cluttered scraps of paper, ribbon, tools etc was really getting on to me 😦   
I know~believe ~understand that probably 24 hours after decluttering, things will again go back to being in a nasty state … but hey, while I am keeping my peace, why not show off a couple of pictures !!!
I am one of those ladies, like thousands of you’ll who is blessed with an entire room to create havoc in. That is the one place which is off limits to the boys, especially after the second embossing machine was burnt out while trying to use it like a hair dryer to dry the towels. Luckily no fire but the rule was firmly set ” NO KIDS IN THE DS !!!!!!! PERIOD ”        Still, the boys do sneak in once in a while, when the mummy bee is doing her business at the kitchen sink ! You know what they say about the forbidden fruit ! I dont really blame them. The DS is like a room full of joyful toys for my boys. Do I sound like Dr Seusse?
The pictures I have here are just parts of  the two walls in the DS.  The remaining parts of the walls and the other two walls will probably have to wait for another photo shoot !
I am really not a hoarder   . Okay, once you see the pictures, I’ll let you be the judge of that !
Or even better, I should leave a poll for you’ll to decide, if or if not “I am a hoarder”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OKAY so that was how things looked and I struggled .. and  struggled … and finally made some space and bought back my peace of mind.
This is how it looks now, well, sometimes though 🙂
I will be labelling them shortly on this page. For now, just view them and dont forget to tell me, the verdict  ??
I hope you enjoyed your brief visit into my craft haven and will visit again. If you found inspiration in some of my organizational skills, I am so glad and if you identified with the mess on my desk in the “before” pics, then trust me, all of us “creative minds and hands need some amount of clutter to create something worth cheerishing “
Thanks for stopping by .. I would really appreciate if you would leave a comment to tell me how you found my little craft haven 🙂
Have a beautiful day !


  1. Naush~
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words recently =) I was finally able to “visit you”. All I can say is WOW, your studio is astounding. I will be back to see more of your wonderful projects, too. Thank you for sharing !

  2. Oh my God! I fainted..then some more..this is awesome!! Though I don’t have so much of stuff..everything I have could fit into 3 drawers..max! But yes, I love those blings, buttons and almost have a garden in there..,so awesome place to craft..something akin to my dream room..will take years to get where you are..but one day at a time! 😀

  3. Naush, dear, what a well-stocked crafts room! Sometime ago, I was given vintage ribbon–just like the ones you have. My cat found them, and ate some, and proceeded to get sick all over the place. So, now, when I see ribbon, such as yours, I panic, and think, “Where’s the cat???”

    Truly, this is your space, and hallowed ground, and you have done a great job in organizing it. Lots of work, yes, but well worth it to know where everything is when the creative wave hits you!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations, and much happiness to you, as you create!


  4. Oh my god..this room is like my dream come true:) I can live in this rom 24/7 ..waow waow waow..though I don’t think i cud ever orGanize it as much:) keep being creative ..may Allah bless u n ur family:) tc

  5. Oh my God! I fainted..then some more..this is awesome!! Though I don’t have so much of stuff..everything I have could fit into 3 drawers..max! But yes, I love those blings, buttons and almost have a garden in there..,so awesome place to craft..something akin to my dream room..will take years to get where you are..but one day at a time!

  6. Wow, what a craft room 😀
    I am also a person who can make things with her hands! I make teddybears since
    6 years and i sold it. Now i moved to Dubai and i´m looking for a posibility to sell
    the teddys here as well.
    You blog is so great! I´m very impressed and i think you are THIS person who can help me.
    Maybe we can get in contact?

  7. A perfect artists’haven……absolutely loved going thru your blog, n the cleaning-up journey! It used to b my dream some years ago but tym has always been an issue for me….but seeing your stuff is inspiring me to chase my dreams. Keep rocking!

  8. hello there,

    i like your spirit and your work. can you recommend me few shops in dubai where i can look for the craft.


  9. You are my craft reorganization HERO! I am going to feature you Next week for the reorganized craft room! This is fantastic.. and I think your craft stash is amazing.. I think you may even have me BEAT and that’s saying ALOT!
    Thanks for joining October Overhaul!

    • Thank you my dear Amie ! I am humbled by your lovely comment but to be honest, within weeks, the whole “being organized thingy” falls apart !! And then again, I have to spend an entire evening, placing things back, where they belong !!!
      Thank you very much for featuring me next week for the reorganized craft room ~ so looking forward to it !!

  10. That is impressive.

    When can you come and organize my supplies…and then my closets…and then my life 🙂

    You have an impressive collection of craft supplies. I want to come over and play!

    Thanks for joining October Overhaul!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Amy ! Presently I am in the middle of moving homes and if only I could walk between two rooms ~ it would be a miracle !!!!! yes, thats how “full of cartons” the house is !!! 😦 thank you again for inspiring me with your words to make my next studio, even more organized ! God bless you honey !

  11. This is great!! keep up the good work Naush! Could you kindly help me locate a cheap place in dubai to buy craft supplies in bulk. I am new to the place and require help. Thank you so much.

    • Nayantara, what particular type of supplies are you looking for Nayantara ? Paints, glue, tools or what exactly are you looking for ?

  12. Hi Naush, I make greeting cards. Hence i want materials for the same – card sheets/ papers (parchment, vellum etc) and other accessories for making cards.

    • Nayantara, Dubai does not boast of a large wholesale market for crafts hence, there is a lot of places you may have to visit and still not get it in wholesale prices. Invariably this is not an inexpensive hobby !! I suggest, you should try out Emirates Trading for Card stock. You can get parchment and vellum at Dubai Library distribution at good rates. Ofcourse, you can get stickers as well, but that would be at retail prices. I know that sheikh zayed road branch has a good variety. Oh and btw I am also selling craft embellishments, handmade paper etc. You can give me a call and have a peep.
      Hope the above helps.

  13. Your craft room photos made me smile! Mine has about the same amount of organization and the same amount of chaos! lol! And perhaps I have FINALLY found someone who has more craft supplies than I do! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing mine in a few weeks with a blog party someone is having – Where Crafters Create. The button is on my sidebar: I’ve gotta do a heck of a lot of cleaning in the next few days! LOL!


    • Thank you for visiting my craft room Laura !! Actually, we just moved 6 months back and I haven’t uploaded my new and happy space pics so far !! You know, as a crafter, every single day is a struggle ! Struggle to clean up the space after the project 🙂 I would be delighted to join the blog party ~ I’ll make sure I visit you for more info.

  14. Thank you for all the wonderful info and yes, i have to admit, I’m Jealous! Didnt know you can find things like this in Dubai, i have been having a difficult time to find these items!

    • Thank you for your comment Ayuni. Please subscribe to my blog for the next post will also contain, details about such stores.

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