Meraki Link Party 20

Hello Creative Friends. Welcome to the 20th Meraki Link Party.

Today, before I share the features and start with the link party, I’d like to share something thoughtful with you’ll. Alot of my western friends may not be able to relate with this because the western society has firm boundaries of polite conversation – however, most of our Asian friends will easily relate to these situations, where people think it is ‘ok’ to ask such personal questions without realizing how inappropriate it may seem to ask the recipient.

There is a special friend whom I follow on Instagram. She is witty, intelligent, a working – mother and most importantly – she shares very relatable content. I am sharing with you one of her Instagram posts, which really touched my heart.

“Leave that which does not concern you” Hadith ~Tirmidhi

Don’t ask a girl when will she get married or why isn’t she married yet.

Don’t ask a woman when she will have kids or why isn’t she a mommy yet.

Don’t ask a mother when she will have her next baby.

Don’t ask a Single mother reasons of her divorce.

Don’t ask a divorcee why she didn’t marry again, or when is she planning to

Don’t ask a widow if she plans to marry again or not.

Don’t ask any woman why she works or why she is a homemaker.

Public figure, celebrity or an individual.
Allow people to set boundaries and then respect those boundaries.

Your questions might trigger pain, negativity or remind them of their crises that they are trying to forget by interacting with you.
If someone is a reason to make you smile, it’s plain, simple rude to be a reason to remind them of their distress.

Saher Iftikhar Mansoor

And now for . . . . . the reason you are here . . . . . .

If you’re visiting me for the first time today, I am Naush – the hostess to this party and I am so glad you are here.

The most certain part about life is its uncertainty and its inevitable end so lets share some of our creativity, our passion and our thoughts. Lets encourage each other, motivate each other, inspire each other.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making last to last weeks Meraki so much fun.

Keep sharing your creative, healthy and inspiring posts with us. 

So have fun and make new friends!

Our features from last week are :-

Harry Potter doll at Kreatywna Kraina

DIY reusable Sponges – Zero waste Kitchen scrubbers – @ Hello Sewing

DIY reusable sponge tutorial

Cardboard fish tube art @ Diy Thought

How fabulous are all these creations !! Clearly, such a lot of imagination, skill and effort has gone into creating them !

And now, for today’s link party :

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I appreciate each and everyone of you for joining us.

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    • 🙂 Exactly ! But luckily, the western world has very firm subjects for polite conversations and introductions – unfortunately in Asia, people can probe too many unnecessary questions which could cause hurt, pain, embarrassment, and unwanted awkwardness. Most people here discuss weather while its very personal questions in Asia, especially, Indian subcontinent. 😦 One never knows what the other person is struggling with and might accidently step on an old or open wound. Thank you for joining us Michelle.

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my reusable sponge, Naush!
    I hope your audience finds it helpful. I’m so honored to be included in your round-up. Thank you!

    As for the inappropriate questions – there are plenty of western people who think it’s ok to ask perfect strangers personal questions. From uneducated remarks to downright intrusive and insensitive questions, I’ve experienced it all. Somewhere along the way I’ve learned how to deal with them and I’ve grew a thicker skin.

    • Aww ! I’m sorry you’ve had a unhappy experience Helen. I think, I dont go out too often hence have not really met anyone asking personal questions. However, I do get a few weird looks for my hijab, but no one has ever asked anything personal ( thankfully) – Helen, I think you are so creative with all your crafts. so glad to have you share your crafts with us.

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