DIY Quick & Easy Birdfeeder

I love upcycle projects.  How about you ?

This summer, the boys have been guzzling down plenty of fruit juices, while I’ve been collecting these tetrapack containers and finding ways to reuse them.

Today we’ve made a birdfeeder !

We have a small backyard but the birds and squirrels are regular visitors. Its a shame to let them leave without a meal.  Earlier we were placing the grains in a shallow container which my cats conveniently messed up.

Now we have a simple solution !

Nothing fancy. Just a regular repurposed juice container.


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Upcycled Bird feederEasy birdfeeder


reuse fruit juice cartonBirdfeeder from recycled itemUPCYCLED BIRDFEEDER

I really miss my students. This would’ave been a perfect summer project for them.

Oh well. Maybe after the lockdown is over ! Who knows when that is !!

How has the situation been at your end ? I pray, everyone has been safe, social distancing and taking complete precautions.  Six months back, who would have thought, that words like Social distancing and Lockdown would be a part of our regular vocabulary !!

I’m really glad to read all the lovely comments you have been leaving for me. It brings immense joy, in such grey uncertain times.

I’ve made such good friends from my creative tribe.

Thank you for stopping by and writing to me. I truly appreciate it.

Bless your beautiful and kind hearts for reaching out.

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  1. hi Nausha

    I just wanted to give you a heads-up re the In My Kitchen monthly post and linky on my blog. thank you for putting up your post but sadly i’ve had to delete it as it does not conform to the IMK rules. IMK covers what bloggers have been doing over the past month in their kitchens and gardens – recipes, garden produce, gadgets, meals etc. I would love to see you for a proper IMK post. you have till the 13th of the month to put up a post. And newbies are always very welcome.

    • No worries, sherry. Not working on my garden this summer. Just wanted to have a proper feeding station for the birds, hence the bird feeder. Glad you dropped by. Thank you very much.

  2. Good way to repurpose. I haven’t put out my seed bird feeders because I don’t want to attract a squirrel I saw earlier. They are known to take chicks out of Barn Swallow nests, so I’m waiting until they fledge. Then the squirrel and chipmunks can share the birdseed if they want. – Margy

  3. Hi Naush,

    I have been meaning to buy a bird feeder. But tell me is this water proof?

    What a great piece of art to make at this time of our lives.

    It’s good to have you join us for #WordlessWednesday.

    • Natasha, it is waterproof since it is used to contain juice. And the water condenses on the outer layer in the fridge. So it has withstood water. The only problem I felt was, that it was not too heavy, even with all the seeds, so when we had high winds, it was rocking like a leaf. But the birds, didn’t mind 😉

  4. Nice project! I don’t do a lot of painting but I’m glad to learn that acrylic paint will adhere to the carton (and gives good coverage, too!)) Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

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