3 Fun and Easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Till December 2019, every one of us had, over the years, almost turned into robotic beings. We had tuned ourselves with the ring of the morning alarm till the last good night kiss to our babies. We were in a rush, we were running vigorously , we had to reach a goal from another goal to another goal…

We packed the day from fixing breakfast, to rushing the kids to school, to running errands, to preparing the next meal, to dropping the kids for ballet or piano classes or soccer practice etc….

The wheels never paused.

Even the holidays were so meticulously planned that there were no spaces for changes, no spots for REAL relaxation. We were being driven by our own – self imposed robotic way of life.

And then 2020 dawned … and it bought with it – a spoiler for one and all.

Everything came to a stand still. The world saw loss of human life – like never before. We are united in our grief. We are united in our fear and our frustration..

10 months later, we are still learning to adapt to the NEW NORMAL.

We are still a little paranoid.

The wheels of the economy are just gradually beginning to churn. and with it – we are realizing just how much special ‘TIME’ and freedom, really is. That special treasure that we waste all too easily on mundane activities.

Some of us are seeing the effects of online learning on their kids – while some are frustrated with the system – others who had been homeschooling their kids are glad that we too, are getting a gentle taste of how beneficial homeschooling can be. Ofcourse we are not all cut out from the same cloth.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not here advocating homeschooling. I have immense respect for moms who homeschool – their level of discipline and determination is remarkable. I admire them and look up to them for their tremendous patience and strength. These are women who have gone against the grain to bring out the best from their children in a surrounding that is less judgmental and more nurturing.

Its not easy to expect a mom or dad work in a job and cook, feed, clean, teach and spend quality time with their children. Its a mammoth task. There’s only so much energy we can expend.

One of the most precious lessons, I have learnt from the Covid 19 virus – is that one simple yet harsh truth, we were all born with but keep forgetting.

LIFE is too short.

Embrace the moments. Embrace those we love. Try to add alittle piece of joy in every day. Life is too short – it’ll be over – even before we think, it began.

When I was teaching at AJccc, alot of moms, approached me as to how they could enrich their child’s life with crafts. You know- I am no role model mom but I’ve always encouraged parents to spend some time with the children, maybe reading a story book, watching their favorite cartoon with them, cycling with them, playing on the swing with them, or working out some crafts with them.

Long after our journey in this world is over, these are the little memories which will be cherished by our children. They won’t forget these special moments and probably would want to replicate it with their own children.

It had been a horrid summer like every year in Dubai and finally after 8 long months, we finally experienced our first intense rain shower. My oldest was roughly 7 years old and the others 5 and 4. He’s 21 now, but they still remind me of how crazy I was, when I rushed them out to the backyard and we danced and pranced about in the heavy rain – singing songs and being absolutely silly ! We had so much fun while all our neighbors rushed into their homes – we were jumping in puddles and breaking all moms rules šŸ™‚ That memory is an imprint no one can erase. Not even Time.

How I wish – I dearly dearly wish my boys were that little today – and we could have even more fun !!

But their worlds have expanded now. We are very much a part of their worlds but their lives don’t revolve around us like they did back then. Our parents accepted it – we too accept it and so will they when their children grow up and fly from the nest.

My story has almost got nothing to do with today’s title, except – please spend time with your children. Sometimes, its not easy being followed everywhere by the little ones – including in the loo (a constant issue I had šŸ™‚ ) but these little beings are the only seeds we are leaving behind in this world to remember us by. So leave good memories with them.

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That’s Mercy, my Calico on the left and Tilly, our ginger on the right.

Also, incase your wondering why we click all our project photos in this spot, its coz this is the only spot where we do get sunlight in the entire home !! So although I photograph them here, they are placed on the mantle or other areas later on.


Thank you for stopping by and writing to me. I truly appreciate it.

I love reading the thoughtful comments you have been leaving here. It brings immense joy, in such grey uncertain times.

Bless your beautiful and kind hearts for keeping in touch.

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  1. Absolutely love your projects – they look like so much fun to make with kids. I don’t like live spiders, but I think the spider may be my favorite!!!

    Thanks for sharing and joining the Anything Goes challenge at TTCRD.
    Good luck with your entry and hope to see you again soon.
    Winnie Sorensen – TTCRD DT (https://ourcreativemind.com/)

    • aww !! Thank you Winnie. My boys are so scared of spiders too. (And imagine they are older teenagers !!) – me ? I am petrified of cockroaches šŸ™‚

  2. These are cute craft ideas. I like the spider! And thank you for the encouragement to embrace the moments and people we love. I’m visiting today from the Party in Your PJ’s link up. Have a great week Naush!

  3. Naush, this post is so beautiful! I have been trying to let go of this whole concept of time as I still feel like I live in a time warp of sorts. I feel like if we can live in the moment, every moment, the feeling of running out of time seems to dissipate. During the past 8 months, I have definitely felt a shift from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future to living right in each moment. And these moments right now are filled with kid stuff! These crafts are all so cute. We have been doing lots of crafty things recently and I am quite enjoying it. Thanks for linking with me!


    • Exactly Shelbee. In some ways, we’re actually getting to know our own kids better – becoz there is no time constraints that we are bound by. No rushing to work – no dropping kids – no running errands etc. I think, this time period has been a God Gift to me. Last year – 2 of my sons were going to colleges located in different directions – coming home at odd hours – the third son was the only one who was leaving at 7am and coming back home at 4pm. We rarely had a meal together – I felt like I was loosing out on crucial moments in their lives. And then Covid happened – and they were all forced to remain at home. Even though, every one is cooped up in their own tiny room kingdoms – atleast we are all under the same roof. Atleast we are not wearing an armor and running into battle every single day. They are with me. This is such a tremendous blessing. Maybe more so, since they are older kids. Toddlers and elementary school age kids might be more of an issue for parents – eg to deal with them for 24 hours – 7 days – months on an end – plus their online schooling. But I am an optimist and I am grateful for this time with my family. Next term or semester – maybe things might go back to normal – but till them – atleast I am going to treasure this time together. Thank you my darling for writing to me.

    • Aww !! Thank you Raisie. So glad you liked the crafts for kids. Dad – told us off for our little adventure – but as long as they didn’t fall sick the next day – We were all ‘saved’ – so glad we could treasure such tiny memories.

  4. Nice post Naush…2020 has been a real eye opener for sure. I’m embracing the changes actually, well, trying to! During the first half of the year, I only found difficulties and frustrations with the new norm, now I think I’ve pretty much adapted and things are okay. We must keep on keeping on right? Your crafts are cute, I really love the spider!

    • You’re right Rain – its been a wake up call for us too. Sometimes, I really can’t believe that in this year and age – we lost over (minimum) 100,000 human lives to a virus ! so surreal.

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